Prayers request


I would like to ask for some prayers..

I feel God may be calling me to the priesthood. For the past year it has just been a flitting fancy I could easily shove aside and forget for a while. But lately I have been praying my rosary a lot and well.. it's sort of smacked me senseless, become glaringly obvious, that I should be a priest.

It isn't letting its self be ignored.. and I am feeling less inclined to do so (ignore it, that is).

It's all pretty premature right now. All I am asking for are prayers that I may open my self to God's Will. I plan on speaking with my confessor when I feel the time is right. Until then.. it's the rosary for me :).


The rosary can do some wondrous things, can't it?:D

You will surely be in my prayers today. Through Mary's intercession, may your discernment bear fruit and be a source of happiness and joy to our Lord and Saviour!:signofcross:



Prayers sent both for your benefit and for ours!


We have a Holy Hour every Sunday for those discerning their vocations. You will be in my prayers tomorrow in a special way.
Sister Susan




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