Prayers requested for Dr. Julian Urban and his staff - see note below

Dear Friends in Christ,

I received this forwarded message from a friend who has a friend who knows Dr. Urban. It gives a look behind the darkness of Covid19 in Italy.
The letter below was written by Dr. Julian Urban, a 38-year-old medical doctor, serving in a hospital in Lombardy, Italy. Please pray for Dr. Urban, his coworkers, and the people of Italy. Please share this post with others that they too might also pray.

"Never in my darkest nightmares did I imagine that I would see and experience what has been going on in Italy in our hospital the past three weeks. The nightmare flows, and the river gets bigger and bigger. At first, a few patients came, then dozens, and then hundreds. Now, we are no longer doctors, but sorters who decide who should live and who should be sent home to die, though all these patients paid Italian health taxes throughout their lives.

Until two weeks ago, my colleagues and I were atheists. It was normal because we are doctors. We learned that science excludes the presence of God. I laughed at my parents going to church.

Nine days ago, a 75-year-old pastor was admitted into the hospital. He was a kind man. He had serious breathing problems. He had a Bible with him and impressed us by how he read it to the dying as he held their hand. We doctors were all tired, discouraged, psychologically and physically finished. When we had time, we listened to him.

We have reached our limits. We can do no more. People are dying every day. We are exhausted. We have two colleagues who have died, and others that have been infected. We realized that we needed to start asking God for help. We do this when we have a few free minutes. When we talk to each other, we cannot believe that, though we were once fierce atheists, we are now daily in search of peace, asking the Lord to help us continue so that we can take care of the sick.

Yesterday, the 75-year-old pastor died. Despite having had over 120 deaths here in 3 weeks, we were destroyed. He had managed, despite his condition and our difficulties, to bring us a PEACE that we no longer had hoped to find. The pastor went to the Lord, and soon we will follow him if matters continue like this.

I haven’t been home for 6 days. I don’t know when I ate last. I realize my worthlessness on this earth. I want to use my last breath to help others. I am happy to have returned to God while I am surrounded by the suffering and death of my fellow men."

A friend of a friend of a friend on the internet? I see you posted this on a different site’s forum as well. I am not convinced this is actually a true story yet.


I think it is a hoax. I could not find any trace of this dr in Italian websites (not even in professional listings).


Yeah, the supposed Facebook page doesn’t work either.


Don’t you have relatives near too?

Plus, in Lombardy right now Are hospitalized only COVID-18 patients in serious or critical condition, often unconscious and intubated or depending on a oxygen tube to breath. It is not very likely that a dying (Feverish and breathless) pastor arrives there with a bible and starts preaching to the crazy busy ICU drs and mostly unconscious patients.


Yes, that’s why these chain letters really p** me off.


This is a video of a real hospital in Lombardy during the Coronavirus emergency

That was a frightening video, @aroosi!

A kind, nice, inspirational story, why not just say that. It isn’t believable in this time and circumstance. It is almost offensive if it leads a person of no faith to be told their life is meaningless without God.

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I know, I cannot even finish to watch it. I just posted to show how the reality is in Lombardy.

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