Prayers requested

A friend of mine recently had a bad influence come into her life in the form of her brothers girlfriend. This woman has a child, and has never been married. She has given my friend very immodest dress and has encouraged her to smoke and drink, and willfully disobey her parents. She tells her that she would look better if she lost weight, and I have found a sharp decrease in the morality of my friend. Her heroes are Paris Hilton and Nicole Whatever because they’re “hot,” and she has become very obsessed with making herself look good. The thing that disturbed and angered me most was today she insulted very much our beloved monks, priests, and nuns. When I met her and knew her for a while, she was a very intelligent, kind, and mature girl for her age. This has sense changed, and I ask for your prayers that this new woman in her life may leave quickly and let any damage she has done to my friend’s life be quickly reparied. My friend’s name is Tina.

Many thanks.

Lord have mercy on Tina and help her to understand what is truly important in this life and to see also what is detrimental to her salvation.

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