Prayers Required for a baby to be allowed to die a natural death

A 17 year old girl in Dublin, who is 4 months pregnant with an ancephalic child, is presently in the custody of the Health Services Executive who are preventing her from travelling to England for an abortion.

It is understood that the child has no chance of survival ourside the womb and may only live for a matter of two days if even that.

In Ireland abortion is only legal where there is a substantial risk to the life of the mother or if the mother is suicidal.

The young girl is challenging the HSE in court tomorrow and is determined to get permission to go to England to complete the procedure.

Prayers required that the stay will be upheld or the mother will change her mind and that the child will be given the dignity of a natural death.

Prayers going out!

Oh dear, both infant and mother are babies! I certainly will pray for this situation at adoration this week and right now as well. Please update us.

State ‘has no power to stop teen travelling for abortion’

01/05/07 | 13:08

The State has no power to stop a teenage girl travelling to Britain for an abortion, the High Court was told today.

The 17-year-old, who is four months pregnant, is challenging the Health Service Executive (HSE) which is preventing her from terminating her pregnancy overseas.

The teenager, who can only be identified as Miss D and from the Leinster region, has been in the care of the HSE since March.

Medics told her last week that the foetus she is carrying suffers from the brain condition anencephaly, resulting in the absence of a major portion of the brain, skull and scalp.

The newborn baby will live a maximum of three days.

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Praying here in TN!!

Another poor little baby in mortal danger :frowning: I will definitely pray for Miss D and her baby. I had a friend/coworker who was given this diagnosis and urged to abort. Her baby was born 100% healthy.

Yes sadly since the x-case that appears to be right, I commend mother and child to the Providence of God this day.

That the life of all your children may be seen as sacred,
we pray to the Lord. :gopray:


Just to let you know that the state has appointed a barrister to represent the unborn child in the upcoming case.

The unborn child has rights in Ireland and so it has been seen as being prudent to appoint legal representation for the unborn child.

Full hearing tomorrow of the case tomorrow. Keep the prayers going!

Wonderful news! We’ll keep the prayers coming!

District Court refuses ‘Miss D’ permission to travel

07/05/07 | 12:55

The District Court has refused to give ‘Miss D’ permission to travel to the UK for an abortion.

The High Court has heard that during a special sitting on Saturday, the HSE applied for a direction as to whether it was appropriate for the 17-year-old to travel.

The judge said that granting the order would amount to a failure to protect the rights of the unborn and would therefore be unlawful and improper.

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Lawyers say ‘longevity’ does not affect rights of unborn

07/05/07 | 17:08

Lawyers representing the rights of the unborn child in the Miss D case have said it is protected under the constitution until it dies.

They said that regardless of its condition this is a live foetus and its right to life is the same as that of any other foetus or child.

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How wonderful (and refreshing)! Praise God! Thank You Jesus! May this kind of thinking spread throughout the world!

Sadly Fergal it has been over-turned.



Some day the judges shall be judged.


‘Miss D’ allowed to travel for abortion following High Court ruling

09/05/07 | 15:03

The girl at the centre of the ‘Miss D’ case has won her High Court battle to be allowed to travel to Britain to have an abortion.

The judge in the case said this afternoon he holds the view firmly and unequivocally that there is “no statutory or constitutional impediment” which would prevent her from going to the UK.

The 17-year-old girl is 18 weeks pregnant with a baby which has a fatal brain disorder and won’t live for more than a few days following birth.

We need to keep praying as the girl may have a last minute change of heart. It has happened before. Let us offer todays Holy Communion for the life of that little child.

:gopray2: :gopray2:

It looks as if Miss D, the 17 year old girl at the centre of the recent affair seems to have had a change of heart thanks to pro life websites. Her own story is presented exclusively in an Irish paper today 12th May 2007.

Although she has decided not to go full term with the pregnancy, she has decided also not to have a surgical abortion. She will soon undergo a medical induction, give birth to the baby, hold it as long as it lives and give it a burial in Ireland.

Whilst there are still some ethical considerations to be weighed up, it is a vast improvement on the scenario that was painted for us over the past few weeks.

Keep praying, keep praying!:gopray2: She is not the only one in the world considering abortion as a ‘positive option’. Many hearts need the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit which is guaranteed only through the power of persistant prayer.

I have moved it to my blog and you can read it at or on the paper’s site which requires free registration at

Praying for the baby and the mother.

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