prayers said

I promised a Divine Mercy Chaplet for my mother and sister last night but was too weak, ill, and tired to pray it.

I did so a half hour ago and included this neighborhood, my whole family both here and in Florida (and a brother in Hawaii), myself, many intentions, and
first of all am assured of a place and my safety on this street
and that my son is safe with my mother and father
not sure about whether I will be here, or there, tomorrow night and Christmas Day

Still in progress, a Memorare to the Blessed Virgin Mary
and healing unbelievable, coming to grips with my trouble approaching the Lord Jesus in my heart,

as I was given words to say against Him at a young age through purely intellectual pretention, I believe that my father may have talked himself into a confused delusional state about The Lord and his (my father’s) place with respect to Him, and I am often confused by his (my father’s) approach, I am learning to detect that it is him and not the Lord. I believe he (my father) may include my mother in his delusional thinking and this passes through to me.

Obviously I would be and am praying for a clear mind, also the power of speech (I lost my little girl’s English a long time ago and my international English when I went to the PA Deutsch state hospital,

especially, for shelter and protection this evening and throughout the night (door unblocked) in my new state

as I prepare for the Holy Day

(I passed the WORD “Jesus” into the street, as I prayed and the kids going by tried to thwart me, I am being teased. Black kids seem to “get” what’s going on in your head but not high prayer and I pray the WORD travelled)

:slight_smile: :signofcross:

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