Prayers to convert a (specific) person

Does anyone know of a prayer for the coversion of a specific person? I have found general prayers for the conversion of sinners but nothing I can use very easily for a specific person.

 I have been praying the rosary for the conversion of President Obama, but I would like to have a prayer to say also.  Just for y'all, it is not so much a prayer that he become Catholic, but rather that he follow Jesus and that he turns away from promoting the killing of the pre-born.

Anybody got any of these prayers they can post?  Thanks!

You can pick from 1000’s of prayers to saints. if you are passionate you can try the advice of Bishop Fulton Sheen and pray something like this ( only if your game )-

Lord, I give you my body and soul, free will and all my posssessions.I ask you to send me a little trouble for the conversion of President Obama and an end to abortion. I willingly accept any sacrifice you choose for me if only you will grant my requests.
(Add any intentions you like and ask our Lady to present your prayer to her son.)

Fulton Sheen said don’t do it lightly though. God bless:thumbsup: :slight_smile:

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