Prayers to end China's Forced Late Term Abortions

I read the following article this past week and it has been haunting me ever since:

Please let us pray for the end to this slaughter. Our voices have to rise together.

This is a horrible story!! I’ve heard it from the mouths of Chinese people that visit my office on a regular basis.

My prayers are with them.


I heard about this on Catholic radio. :frowning:

Prayers for the innocent life of this child and all children and prayers for the end to this horrific slaughter. :gopray:

Father, forgive them, for they no not what they do. Please watch over all the children of China, that they may have life, and that they may experience Your love and benevolence. In the name of Your son Jesus I pray with all confidence in You. Amen.

Lord, Thank You for loving me so much and helping me find my beautiful daughters in a land so far away. Mother Mary, Thank You for watching over my children, and making sure they were loved and cared for until I could get to them. :gopray2:

:crying: for the unborn children of China.

Praying. Mother Mary help us

You have given us grace at this time to offer You a common prayer together and have promised that when two or three are gathered together in Your name, that You will grant their requests; fulfill, Lord, the prayers of Your servants, which are for our welfare, grant us the knowledge of Your truth in this world and life everlasting in the world to come. Amen

Praying here…praying also for all those like ChinaDad, who are rescuing so many children from China. May many more children find loving homes, rather than being murdered…:gopray2:

Thanks for your prayers for the unborn children Zooey, but truth be known…they rescued us as much as we rescued them.

For all who pray here: I just wanted everyone to know that the people of China are not bad people, especially those who care for the orphans of China. Most of the people of China don’t know about the abortions, all they know is that couples are only allowed to have one child, and many don’t even know that. I remember being out in the street, each of my new daughters in strollers, the Chinese people would approach, make sure that my beautiful new baby girls were wrapped warm enough, and many, in the little English they knew would say, “Lucky baby…go to America”.

The “people” of China love children, but the laws caused by the “circumstances” of China were created by non-Christians to combat a terrible problem. China is a huge country, but most of it is rocky and un-tillable. With so many people, and not enough food, they are doing what they think they need to do to keep billions of other people from starving.

So please continue to pray for the unborn children of China, pray for the orphans, that they find families, and pray that more Chinese people are exposed to the word of Christ and become Christians. But please don’t hate the people of China, because they love children and babies just as much as we do.

Father hear my prayers an grant my intentions in the name of Your Son Jesus. Amen. :signofcross:

Holy Queen of Heaven,

Please rescue these babies and their mothers and fathers from the aberation that is the Chinese poilcy makers and the philosophy and psychology of that country. Let Christian faith overcome them most speedily and destroy all vestigages of sin, hatred, and the evil one.

Holy Saint Micheal, I humbly pray to god that he release you with a legion of your favorite angels to do battle this very hour to save the lives and souls of women all over the world who use abortive contraception and for those whom abortion is being forced upon them. Let those who do these evil things be beffudled, confused, and run in great haiste to God’s mercy and away from harming any of these little ones. Do not simply destror the enemy Saint Micheal, but remain to teach the souls of those you save this very hour how to fight the corruptoin of this world and how to save themselves and thier loved ones in the future.

This life is a BATTLE for souls and life. Holy Saint Micheal, hear the prayer of this sinner who does not merit to even say your holy name.

Hail Mary Full of Grace, Blessed are thou amongst women, and Blessed is the fruit of They Womb JESUS!

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, AMEN!

With serenity and prayer,

Blue Knight

O Mother of Perpetual Help,

we ask that you would continue to tend to these children who have no parents in China. We also ask that you continue to be a lantern of hope to the people of China. That by knowing you as their mother and Our Blessed Mother, they would come to find Jesus among them. I know the blight of that country is difficult to live under or deal with, so we ask the Divine Mercy of your Son Jesus Christ to heal that nation. We ask that you would watch over these numerous babies until we can see them with the rest of the Church Triumphant.



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