Prayers to stop an abortion mill from coming to Aurora IL


Planned Parenthood is working to set up an abortion mill in Aurora Illinois. Please pray that they do not succeed. If able please join the prayer vigil.

thanks and God bless!




Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for this community! Strengthen them in the love of the Holy Trinity. May abortion ever where cease, and may this mill never come to be!


I’ll keep it in my prayers!


:gopray2: :angel1: I am praying.




Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus, help us in this quest. Mary, Queen of Heaven, intercede for us. Amen.:highprayer:


I’ll join in prayers for this intention. There was one opposite the place where I worked, and it really upset me and my colleagues seeing women aborting their unborn children.


Thank you all very much for your prayers. Planned Parenthood already owns the building, and says they will open on Sept 18th.

Please pray for all of us who pray at the prayer vigil and for the pro life rally on August 25th.

Much prayer is needed. Please. Please pray for Planned Parenthood to never receive an occupancy permit (they presently do not have that). Please pray for them to never open.

Thank you so much.

by the way did you all know that Planned Parenthood is the 4th leading cause of death in this country!!! They perform a lot of abortions and about 5095 abortions happen each week in the United States (that includes other abortion facilities besides PP)


I am going to pray about this.

But just seems like PP is a bullet, surrounded by an invisible sheild of Satan.


Praying for these intentions…


Ardent prayers!
…and Dear Lord, please watch over mothers in unwanted pregnancy and grant they seek and find sound counselling and comfort, understanding, and love of their unborn child…and all the help they need spiritual, emotional and material…Help us, Lord, to help them…


Lord hear our prayers ! Lord these are your children in these wombs . Lord let the town reconsider allowing this to operate in their town . Lord put a stop to these clinics . Thank you Lord ! in the name of Jesus ! amen , / John


Praying hard! It infuriates me that a supposedly civilized country permits the murder of the most innocent and defenseless among us. God hear our prayer that this evil be removed from us. Amen!



My prayers…:signofcross: :gopray2: :highprayer: :gopray:


Lord, hear our prayers!!


I am praying that the Holy Spirit intercedes the action of the mill becoming to be. Whoever is behind it, I pray for them now so that they may have a change of heart. Lord, send Mary our Mother to touch all women and girls who are contempating this lie.

In Your Name I Pray.


Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me, a sinner and on the request of my friend.



Heavenly Father,

Please continue to call us as a country and a people to be reconciled to you. We ask that the blood of Jesus be used to shield those who work at this place, and those who go there for its services. We ask you to heal us good Lord. We ask Mary to continue to lead us to Jesus. Most importantly we beg Mercy, Divine Mercy for these souls and all of ours for being unable to stop these acts. Merciful Lord, please hear the cries of the babies and hold them close until we are all able to be together with the Church Triumphant.



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