Prayers to the Infant Jesus

Why? I don’t get this, I have never understood this, so: why? Let me explain what I don’t get: Jesus is no longer Infant, so… why pray to Jesus as a baby? I do not understand and I cringe when I see those prayers because I cannot explain them (not that I ever needed to do so). Please inform me as to why these prayers exist. Ta muchly!

Jesus is no longer on the cross, but we venerate Him in His agony. Jesus no longer walks the earth and eats and sleeps and speaks and performs miracles, yet we honor and meditate on His life.

Everything Jesus did, represents something or teaches us something.

In the same way we honor the Child Jesus. From this stage of His life we can learn how to be childlike, humble, sweet, simple, loving. As we consider His smallness, all the while He was God, we can learn much. Who are we to act so “big” when God Himself humbled himself to become a child?

It’s the same as venerating His Sacred Heart or His Divine Mercy - He is more than those particular attributes, yet they are rich in a symbolism that helps many of us.

Does anyone have any information I can get on the child of Prague?

I don’t know about the specific prayers you are talking about, but if I understand that they are in focused on petitioning the infant Jesus in prayer, I see no problem with this.
After all, didn’t John leap in the womb (a form of prayer? Rejoicing? Maybe…:slight_smile: when Mary, entered the room with the baby Jesus peaceful inside her womb?
And, as catholics accept the teaching of the Eucharist, you see in that the fragileness of an infant. Something to be held tenderly with love. As parents must prepare for a newborn, those who recieve the Eucharist must also be prepared to partake, or take in this fragile Jesus.
Remember also how the shephards who saw him right after birth, were so amazed by what they saw.
As a baby, before he was born as legend has it, 3 kings tried to find this King, they knew would come as a baby. They were not put off by his coming to the world in a manger. They brought to him gifts, they did not give up his location to his would be killer.

A baby, yes. When I held mine in my arms for the first time, that was the beginning of the chipping away of my resisting God. God came first to me in this way, even though I did not fully realize it until recently. But, looking back- that was the very day he started to let me know him.

I have a statue of the Infant of Prague, this thread could have been a question of mine. I don’t realize what I don’t know until it comes up and there’s a lot I don’t know.:o

The Infant of Prague is a miraculous image that was donated by a Princess to the Carmelites in Prague, as her most treasured possession. The monastery/parish was having deep financial difficulties and after venerating this image, the monastery prospered. Since then, this form of the Child Jesus has a history of generosity for those in financial need. Later, as a result of war, the chapel was destroyed and the statue damaged. Again, repairing and venerating the image brought blessings to the monastery.

In addition to reverence to the Incarnation and love for humility, this image should also bring to mind that Jesus is King even at the beginning of His Life. We are to venerate this aspect of Jesus because in this life, He lived without the worldly honor due to Him as the descendant of the royal House of David. It is also a lesson in the true nature of the monarchy, which humanity lost through sin, and when administered rightly, is the more perfect form of government. In the same vein, we also venerate Christ the King.

Personally I have a great devotion to the Infant of Prague, and in general, the Child Jesus. Very early in my youth, I prayed to the Infant and He helped me pass my Latin courses, miraculously got me on a trip to Spain for which I ardently petitioned Him, He eventually brought peace to my family as I cried to Him for many years over the vicious chaos that plagued us. He also always helped in times of financial stress many, many times.

This Child is very powerful and kind.

There is much more to tell. Here are some websites I found that tell the story of the Infant:

You can also find booklets on the story, which should include prayers and novenas.

I have a devotion to the Child Jesus. For me, my devotion to Him as a child helps me be a better mother to my children.

I’ve heard of people taking statues of Him as a child to abortion clinics and saving babies…

You would get a kick out of the movie Talledga Nights with Will Ferrel, where he prays all the time to Baby Jesus and someone asks him why and he says that he just likes Jesus as a baby…it’s really funny…guess you have to be there. :smiley:

Infant of Prague has been an important part of my prayer life for many years. My grandparents came from Prague, and passed on this devotion to me.

I would think this would be effective also. Even a picture of a woman holding a baby, smiling at her sweet blessing. I always stopped to stare at nativity scenes (the good ones) just because I thought they were so touching. That little baby, surrounded by love in horrid conditions to bring a baby into this world. The child looked so happy always. So did Mary and Joseph. Such a happy looking family. Imagine Jospeh and Mary wondering how they could teach God anything? :confused: Talk about pressure!

I love this picture of Jesus with Joseph in his workshop.

Great picture! I also see a young Jospeh, as well as the usually depicted older Joseph…
I just wish I saw more ways to give him devotion,
He seems to be so ignored from what I can see now in my early investigation. I really would and should give more thought to Joseph.:blush:

I do too! I was so moved the first time I saw it. I pointed it out to a friend and when I brought her memory back to it, she referred to it as, “You mean that picture where Joseph is being an irrisponsible parent?” …She’s agnostic…

Anyway, I understand BETTER of the reasoning. Thank you all who have replied and anybody in the future who may reply to help others (and/or myself still).

So glad you like the picture. I have another one to send I think you will like too but am at work and will do later.
St. Joseph is the Patron Saint of a happy death.

St, Joseph Helps Jesus Walk

I honor Jesus in all the stages of His life (especially when I’m praying the Rosary), but I pray to the crucified, risen, glorified Lord Jesus at the right hand of the Father.


That is one of the best pictures I’ve seen of St. Joseph and Baby Jesus!

So happy you like it too…:slight_smile:

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