My son was baptized when he was little, but no longer believes that Jesus is the son of God. Needless to say, he does not go to church and ridicules us for going. One of his reasonings is that he strongly believes in evolution and there is only one supreme being. I am very concerned about his soul. I pray daily that he will find his way home. What can I do or say to help him?




First, I am a bit confused since we, as Catholics, may believe in evolution provided we acknowledge that it was a process initiated by God. Also, we believe in one Supreme Being. Pleaes read our article, Adam, Eve and Evolution: If there are still other issues that keep your son from the Catholic Church, just love him where he is right now and be patient. Yes, correct him if he states a teaching of the Church incorrectly and answer his questions when asked. Trust that the Holy Spirit is working in him. Otherwise, just be a great Mom, and let him see that your faith impacts his life in a positive way. In order to be that great Mom, it is necessary to be sure your spiritual house is in order. Stay close to the sacraments and pray for your son. Be the first to say you’re sorry. Teach him the faith through your actions. And read the life of St.Monica and ask for her intercession.
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