Should I pray for my wife or our marriage?

(This concerns problems in our marriage on her side as I am in the process of sorting mine).

Why wouldn’t you pray for both? I would, since the two are connected. I am praying for you, your wife, and your marriage.

Pray for the marriage as a whole, as you became one when you got married.
Since you are the head of the family its even much better, pray alot and do not cease.
He will surely answer your prayers.

Not only would I suggest praying for your wife and marriage, I would also like to add it is not something you do only when there are problems. If is wise to do it when times are good as well

Of course, pray. And pray.

But probably it is more than that. In marriage both of you are one and that requires for both of you to address the issue, not just the wife or the husband. It is shared issue and problem to be shouldered by both. When you see your wife’s problem as your own and vice versa, the understanding and support that you get from each other would make the problem less of a monster that it is.

God bless you.

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