Good Day Everyone

I ask your prayers for my spouse. I am going to keep this in the most general terms so that it is rather anonymous.
My spouse got married so as to please my inlaws, and as such the spouse did not freely choose to marry me.
My spouse has repeatedly told me this and so i told my spouse that this being the case it is really not a marriage as choice was not there and so my spouse needs to make a choice, either to be married or to apply for a annulment.
We have been married for almost a decade and the choice has yet not been made, however spouse is very resentful that at the start no choice was made. Additionally spouse is depressed and refuses to go for counselling on either the marriage or for the depression. My mother in law takes spouse out for walk every day, as spouse does not work and wuold end up spending day home alone.
The depression has resulted in both diabetes and overweight, i am thankful that my mum in law is taking spouse out for a walk. I have tried to but spouse will not go out for walk with me or talk. Oh we do talk every day, and i am told the litany of all my faults and failings and how all of this is my fault. At first this would hurt, but over time i have learnt to see the grace in it and how it keeps me humble.
ON my side i am open to whatever choice spouse makes - stay married or leave. I want spouse to be happy to live life and not exist to realize that life is worth living and so whatever decision spouse makes i will accept it as the will of God. It is the not making the decision that is a problem.
I pray daily for spouse and insist that spouse come for Sunday mass and sacraments.
No we dont have kids and no physical relations either.
I have spoken to my priest and they all say that this is grounds for an annulment, however as spouse isnt working and spouse wont go back to parents, there are no options as spouse wont go to a shelter.
I seek your prayers on this.
I am no saint and i used to get angry before from hurt and i have said things i regret. the spouse is a lovely person and i cant bear to see the self desturction that is going on.
I could leave but then spouse would really crash.

I’m sorry for what your going through…I’ll pray that The Lord will lead the way to happiness for both yourself and your spouse.

Praying for the intentions of you & your family.

Thanks for all the prayers,
Specifically pray that the spouse makes the decision, i firmly belive that once that happens the rest will fall in place. As for myself Amazingly I see God’s hand more in this cross than in anything that has happned in my life. I have grown and learnt what love is, what real love is. And if God gave me and gives me the grace to love in this situation, I can only imagine how He must love me despite all my sins and weaknesses.

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