Praying a pray for ONE person vs. MANY people


Suppose I pray a rosary for one person, then that person gets 100% of that prayer, right? But, suppose I pray a rosary for 2 people, then do they get only 50% of the help/graces that are available from that prayer? Or, would it be even if I pray for 100 people, it would be as if each person got one rosary each? Or, would it only be 1%?

It’s an odd question I know, and I probably didn’t put it in the best way, but hopefully you get the idea of what I’m talking about.


Hi “sally” Welcome to Catholic Answers! No, it’s actually a very GOOD question! :yup:

My understanding is that God dispenses His grace and mercy, according to the needs of those you are praying for. So… I guess, what that could mean… is that even though you pray ONE Rosary for TWO people… if God decides they both need 100% of the graces… He can certainly do that. :thumbsup: Because He isn’t restricted by time and space or human measurements, the way that we are.

Hope that made some sort of sense. God bless.


^^^^^^^^That’s my understanding also.

If you were to pray for a general grouping of people that may consist of millions, God will “use” any value your prayers may have to help the person God feels is most in need. God can apply value of your prayers to others because we are truly all one body.

Man merits nothing alone. Therefore we must offer sacrifice and prayer in order to gain God’s graces.


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