Praying All Mysteries of the Rosary


I have a long drive to/from work every day and so I started praying all mysteries of the rosary. I pray two mysteries on the way to work and the other two driving home. I thought it would be really difficult (and boring) but I’m amazed to realize that the whole experience is really quite refreshing and calming (also that means I listen to one hour less talk radio which has its benefits). I go through all sorts of prayers and meditations on themes of sorrow, thankfulness, asking for strength/mercy/guidance, etc. To anyone that has a long commute I highly recommend giving it a try. It really focuses you on what is truly important in life.

Right now I’m praying in this order: Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, Luminous. Is there a “correct” order I should follow? It seems like the Luminous mystery should go second since that is where it falls chronologically. Thanks.


[]The Joyful Mysteries are meditated on Monday and Saturday, Sundays of Advent and after Epiphany until Lent. The Sorrowful Mysteries are meditated on Tuesday and Friday, and Sundays in Lent. The Glorious Mysteries are meditated on Wednesday and Sunday. The Luminous Mysteries are meditated on Thursday.

This pattern is not “required” at all, obviously, but these are the normal dates many Catholics pray the Mysteries on.

That was an excellent idea about how to spend commutes!


I too pray the rosary on the commute to and/or from work, but I only have a short drive. Because I often can’t fit the entire Rosary during the commute, I’m “forced” to find time to complete the Rosary, which helps me to keep focused on God.

It started as a Lented observance a few years back and the habit ingrained itself in just the 40/46 days. I pray the Rosary (the mystery of the day) daily now - it’s really good!

Highly recommended!



The above order is the one I use, but you can pray them in any order you like. The Rosary is a highly personalised prayer and you can even mix the different mysteries, for example, you could pray one joyful mystery followed by one glorious, followed by one sorrowful etc.

As I said, I use the above order, but feel free to mix it up.


I too pray the Rosary on my commute, but I only have enough time to pray through one set of mysteries…although I could do a second set on the way home I guess.

I go in the order recommended (Monday - joyful, Tuesday - sorrowful, Wednesday - glorious, Thursday - luminous, Friday - sorrowful), but if you’re praying them all in one day then I would go in this order: joyful, luminous, sorrowful, glorious. As you pointed out, then it’s chronological by Jesus’ life. :slight_smile:


There’s no correct order (I think the 54 day novena goes in a slightly different order). Whenever I’m on a 2-4 hour trip, I also pray all 20 mysteries of the Rosary. My commute to work isn’t long enough to say a full Rosary, though (approx. 8-10 minutes).


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