Praying and singing in tongues

just curious, just how broadly are Spiritual gifts sought after and encouraged within the Catholic community.

As well as rote prayers, who prays “in the Spirit”:harp:

Also, given that Paul is addressing the context of liturgy in the Corinthian church, who thinks it would be a good idea to give time in the Mass to Speaking, singing in tongues as well as their interpretation? :highprayer:

The charismatic movement is getting bigger and it is very vibrant. I always seem to bump into people who are a part of it.

As for the liturgy, I think that we have enought of crazy stuff going on at mass, so I would hate to see this happen. I’ve been to a ‘charismatic Mass’ and thought it was awful. Not thanks. But in different settings, such as prayer groups, I think it is a great thing.

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What that a serious question?
Does anyone really seriously think that speaking or singing in tongues is genuine?

The Apostles spoke in tongues after the Descent of the Holy Spirit. It is not, therefore, far fetched to talk of it happening in our time.:slight_smile:
Having said that, I must admit that what I have witnessed, which was supposedly talking in tongues ( Glad to say the person was not Catholic), left me completely embarrased. The whole thing just felt and looked bogus.
Whether or not there are genuine cases out there, I do not know.

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

I too have witnessed ‘devout’ people speaking in toungues and I can only describe it as alarming, it was clearly fake. I was astonished that anyone took it seriously.

Maybe in a few hundred years time someone will write about my experience (or yours) as a genuine incident, given that it will be heresay that it happened and evidence to prove or disprove will be long gone by then?

so the general consensus seems to be that its not real/ genuine and even if it were, you’d rather it didn’t happen…:wink:

St. Paul talks about speaking in tongues when he tells about the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit. He says it isn’t the greatest of these gifts and is in fact useless if you don’t have someone who can interpret the language, another gift he mentioned.

I am not charismatic, but I have had friends who are; so I have been around when some of these things came into play. At a healing service at my parish, at the time, our pastor prayed over me. In the middle of the prayer, I realized he had switched and was speaking in tongues. I’m not sure he was even aware of it. From my understanding, in prayer, when the soul prays so intensely that our words are no longer adequate, the Holy Spirit begins speaking to the Father through us.

If as I strongly suspect it is not real, it would be done only for entertainment or self engrandurement.

To be honest if the speaker of tongues believed it tone genuine I would want to open a further debate on what reality is!

Yes. I have experienced this. I have been a part of the Charismatic renewal and did have the gift of tongues. However, I went through a period of doubting and didn’t speak in tongues for about 2-3 years and began questioning it. Many of my charismatic friends requested me to at least try it out again and see if it was genuine, but I couldn’t do it.

Then one day, in Eucharistic adoration, I was praising God and reached a point where I just burst out speaking in tongues. This adoration wasn’t organized by a Charismatic group and no one spoke in tongues there. And I remember it was quite uplifting. From that point onwards, much of my doubting has ceased, but I still have some unanswered questions.

I do.

Wesley F, would you like to see time given to tongues and other charismata in the Mass?

After all, the context of Corinthians is in a liturgical setting.

Of course, let me add that it should be done in good order.:knight2:

No. It would be unwise according to me.

But it doesn’t have to be a liturgical setting always. Tongues can be used as a private way of building oneself up, unless someone has a message to give in a tongue (in which case there should be someone who can interpret what was said in that tongue).

Hi Gerry311,]
The CHurch believes it is. Several Catholic Saints had these kinds of supernatural spritual gifts. True gifts of the spirit like speaking in tongues is rare, and in my experience, has been done to show off, and ends up making the speaker look kind of stupid.

What about the edification of other members of the Church? Why would the Holy Spirit give gifts if were only going to hide them.

After all, there is confusion in the Corinthian church but that doesn’t disqualify the gifts or their author.

Or is there a different meaning for unwise? please enlighten me…:ehh:

St. Paul said, “He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself, but he who prophesies edifies the church.” (1 Cor 14:4)

So the gift of prophecy must be used to edify the church. The gift of tongues is for edifying oneself and the gift of prophecy is for edifying the church.

Thanks for responding Wesley,

So if it had interpretation then that would make it sufficient?


It would make it more useful. I wouldn’t say sufficient. Prophecy would still be needed.

Thanks mate,

I’m just wondering what it would look like in practise, lol, maybe ur right it wouldn’t be wise.


I can pray in tongues but I only do so very rarely. I am thinking about going back to this charismatic Catholic prayer group in my area. I do enjoy going. However, one time when I went, I noticed that some of the people were advocating Protestant theology and that really bothered me so I quit going for a long while.

Praying in tongues is for the edification of the individual. However, Wesley told us that it strengthened his faith when he returned to the practice. By providing strength to the individual it allows the individual to do more for the Church. Therefore it is edifying to the Church as well. It could be that the Holy Spirit provides this gift to help those to whom a difficult task has been given. God bless!

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