Praying around abortion clinics


I have seen Catholic’s pray around abortion clinics and women’s centers and I have been taught that public prayer so others can see them was wrong Mathew 6:5 says " When you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, who love to stand and pray like the hypocrites, who love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on street corners so that others may see them. Amen, i say to you, they have received their reward." Does this teach against practices like that? Thankyou! God Bless!


As with much of what Jesus taught, it is the heart of the person that matters. If I was to stand outside of an abortion clinic for the purpose of letting others see me and say 'Wow, he sure is a holy and pious person"…then I would not be in line with what Christ is teaching here. We are to avoid praying to gain some sort of favor from man. Praying, even in public, is only sinful when we seek to boost our own pride. It is the hypocrisy that is sinful, not the prayer by itself.

I highly doubt that anyone praying outside an abortion clinic is there to seek approval from others… Try it for 30 minutes yourself… You will likely be cursed at, maybe spit upon yelled at, etc…not really in the realm of seeking approval of man.

God knows our hearts.

Peace in Christ


Jesus says “do not be like the hypocrites”, who only want attention.

Prayer at the clinic is not about getting attention for oneself, but to give hope to desperate families who feel destroying their child is there only or “best” option.


Amen. I’ve been there & have indeed been cursed at, spit upon & yelled at, etc. But if one life was saved, it was worth it & certainly not to get the approval of others.


Are they like the hypocrites? Are they praying so that people will point and say “Awwww, look at them, how pious they are!”? Are they doing this so that they can enjoy all the attention?

These people are putting themselves at risk of getting arrested by civil authorities, are abused verbally, and often, physically by pro-death activists, are insulted, spit on and called horrible names because of what they do.

Do you really think Jesus is even remotely likening them to hypocrites?


I have heard stories about this. And I actually applaud people who have the courage to do this, they can get arrested, spat at and yelled at. I do not think that they are doing this to be honored because they can get persecuted.

Think of it as being martyrs along with the unborn children being killed in that clinic…or butcher house.


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