Praying before Mass?

Hi I just wanted to see. Do you have to pray before and after Mass? I think it is a good idea but is it mandatory? Have you not fulfilled your obligation if you don’t? Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

It is good to do so, but not mandatory. It isn’t necessary to pray in a formal manner before Mass in order to fulfil your obligation. Turn your thoughts to God in the way that works best for you before Mass. Being a few minutes early isn’t mandatory, but is a good thing to do.
God bless you. :slight_smile:

Yes, I do, before and after. It’s not required, but it’s how I was raised.

Agree with Trishie and svid.

Our preparation for Holy Mass greatly affects our disposition. Our disposition in turn determines our capacity to receive graces during the Mass and most especially, during Holy Communion.

A delicate appreciation of the ongoing reality during Holy Mass makes us realize the importance of preparing adequately for Mass. The Lord comes to us ready to bestow on us His infinite graces and blessings. But we can only receive from Him what our disposition enables us to receive. If we prepare adequately for Holy Mass, we will eventually know what it means for people to say: “Paradise is as close as our parish church!”

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I pray the pre-communion prayers before Mass starts. I pray the post-communion prayers immediately after communing with Jesus (while others are still communing). Both sets of prayers are from my 1962 Baronius Press Roman Missal. :slight_smile:

no and no
although if we don’t take some time to get off the road and into a prayerful frame of mind it may lessen our experience, ability to listen, pray and participate. Just because an action is good and worthy to do, does not make it sinful not to do it. has someone said something to you that causes you distress or anxiety on this matter?

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