Praying Daily the Rosary


How can I keep myself from feeling guilty for missing a day of saying the rosary? Mary said if we want peace in the world to pray it daily. I feel like I let her down on days I forget to or am so busy I only have time for 1 decade.


I was told one decade said well is better than ten said badly.
I agree, once you get used to praying all ten daily it can cause guilt when you don’t. I was ill a couple of days ago and so I apologised and had an early night. I think it’s fine, especially if you explain, she knows.


Pray an extra one if you want. Go for a walk and pray it, the world seems so much different when you do that.


You didn’t let the Queen of Heaven down. She knows your heart and intent. And 'though she asked that we pray the Rosary she never made it obligatory. Be at peace and just do the best that you can.


We can only strive to avoid the natural tendency to fall into superstition. We can attach superstitious meaning to either daily prayer or missing a day. Sin rears its ugly head if there is a day in which we do not pray at all, or in which we are not grateful for that which we have received.


When I came back to the Church, I decided the start saying the Rosary to get back into the habit of prayer. The book I had (I was away a long time and had forgotten how to say a Rosary) said pray the rosary daily. I tried to do it at night before be but, like you, things happened and it didn’t always get done. Finally, I started praying first thing in the morning, before anything else. Give the first of the day to God. I rarely miss now.



A few thoughts.
I began saying the rosary daily a year or so before St. John Paul II introduced the Luminous Mysteries. I figured I was meant to pray it daily b’c every time I said it - doing the 54 day rosary novena - on major holy days I would be saying the co-responding mysteries e.g. on Christmas day the Joyful mysteries. On Pentecost the Glorious Mysteries. However, now it’s 72 days b/c I’ve included the Luminous Mysteries.

On days (only a few) that I didn’t say or finish it due to illness or “stuff” I’d simply say an extra rosary the next day. I heard on EWTN or Relevant radio if you don’t finish your rosary your Guardian Angel finishes it for you. Not that I don’t trust my GA but my GA is too busy helping me during my waking hours to keep me on the right path to give him extra work!:blush:

Another cool thing to do is say the prayers in a foreign language - helps you learn another language and also concentrate a bit better.

Finally after the rosary is done I pray a Litany of the Saints. I’ve got my top 10 but I’ve also expanded it to the point that I’m up to over 250.
Peace & Joy 2 all!


I think Blessed Mother appreciate whatever you can pray .God bless


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