Praying for a good husband


Lately I have been praying that a good man will come my way. However, my friends in the Catholic Church thinks that I want it too much and I am not asking God if that’s what he wants for me. Now I am kinda scared that God may not give me the family I have wanted all my life. I mean, what if that’s not his plan for me? It’s gotten to a point where I think God thinks that my prayers for a family is really annoying him because I constantly pray for it. I don’t really ask for anything else but this…

Have you guys ever really prayed for a desire and you wonder if he is ever going to give it to you?

Pls let me know your thoughts…


All the time, and mostly, He doesn’t. But His will for me is always better than what I had asked for, even if it’s not immediately obvious.

Nowadays, I pray for His will to be done and for trust in Him.



I can’t remember who sings it (Garth Brooks?), but there’s a country song with this refrain: “Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.”


I’m also a single woman. God knows our desires before we even kneel to ask Him to grant them… He knows us inside out. I also would like to know if He will ever grant my wish…

More and more I’m realizing that sometimes He takes his time doing things: changing us, or bringing us into circumstances that will result in changes that He wants. He knows what He’s doing. I only pray for the Lord to lead me to right choices - not to let me end up with someone who’s wrong for me. For a long time I’ve been in an extremely frustrating situation with the man that I love. I kept saying, nothing’s happening, nothing’s happening, will anything ever happen? But I realized that a lot did happen, in my spiritual life. I grew closer to God a great deal, and perhaps that was what He wanted. I’m open to his graces and I trust Him… although I do not know and have no way of knowing what His will is for me.

May the Lord bless you and grant you courage and clarity.


Ask yourself this
"Do I want a husband for myself?"
or “Do I want a husband to receive the sacrament of Marriage”

Marriage is a sacrament.
Essentially, you can always pray to the Holy Spirit to ask you for the Gift of Understanding
then, find out why you want to really get married, learn about the sacrament,
sometimes, I smile when I pray, thanking God and loving and praising God,
asking myself what I can do for God to love him more, to serve him more, to love him more,
in the mix of your prayers, feel his love, desire it, don’t doubt his presence, thank him and praise him, while you are praying for a husband,
It’s what I do, and I have found many gifts, many miracles and many answered prayers,
don’t doubt in your heart while you pray, or don’t pray out of fear that God may not answer them, have the highest hopes, and most importantly, pray with love, pray with love for God in your heart, develop a good relationship with God in praying to long to be close to Him, there is a saint you can also ask for an intercession for as well, you may also make a devotion to that, but I don’t quite recall the name of the saint…
Remember, pray with all your love for God, it really works!

Good luck my friend!:slight_smile:



First of all I want to let you know… I along with many others are in the same boat with you. And it does feel like maybe I will never get it. Really is there more that we can do? All things are done through Christ, all our actions, our being, everything. The only thing we can do is trust in Christ, cling and pray to him, he knows our heart.

I pray to Mary, Queen whos own heart was piereced. She know the female heart and how we want to give. Ask for her intercession…


Huh it’s funny you mention that. For years I wanted a girl that was “not really serious” about Christianity. But when God opened my eyes to the Catholic Church, he gave me a new desire. I now, just like you have the desire for a Godly mate a Godly family who loves the Lord. I pray for that and believe that he will give it to me one day :slight_smile: “Ask and you shall recieve”


Keep asking God but wait patiently. I know how you feel.


You do more than pray, right? You have a role to play here and from the way you phrased your post it seems like you’re overly passive. Human race would die a quick death if we expected God to connect all the dots for us. I have no doubt that God will inspire you to make the right calls, but He expects you to make them yourself. Just don’t become so desperate that you make the wrong one. Hopefully you’re not just a disillusioned dater.

Having said that, I’m no expert as I also waited 10 years to find my spouse. Believe it or not, it started through the internet (I’m rather shy). We both had to make that initial effort, but God have us the signs, nudging us all the way to the altar. We’ve been very happy for the last 4 years. I’ll pray that He wonderfully assists you as well.


If one had the experience of growing up in a happy family,the yearning for this experience as an adult is quite strong.Knowing that, my only advice would be :never settle! When we try to incorporate Gods will into our wants I dont know if we always interpret correctly.Hope you know what Im trying to infer.Master of communication Im not

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