Praying for Family Member's Poor Decisions....

Hi all - two of my husband’s cousins have been making poor decisions lately.

Our 17-year-old cousin has recently run away and moved out of his parent’s home without any intention of returning and finishing school. He has been getting into a lot of trouble and everyone is very worried.

Our 20-year-old cousin has been dating a 16-year-old and we just found out that he got the 16-year-old pregnant. They are now planning on getting married in a few weeks. The girl’s parents are signing a form to officially release her for marriage.

I’m just asking for prayers that both of these boys will turn to God and let Him guide them into making the right decisions concerning their futures and their faith. Also, please pray for the 16-year-old as she is now expecting a child.

Thank you and God Bless!


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