Praying for hope


We’ll I’m 17 years old recently my father told my mother he didn’t love her anymore, he had also told her that he was in love with someone else and for the past four days he has been ignoring me and my sibiling he makes us feel like we don’t exsit…So I need a prayer for hope and faith, faith to deal with everything that is going on


Prayers for you and your family.
I’m so sorry you have to deal with this.


Angel, I’m so sorry this is happening to your family. Know that your dad does know that you exist; he is probably feeling a little guilty and it caould be easier to ignore you for now.

None of this is your fault - remember this no matter how things go. Both of your parents love you.

I hope that you can find someone you can trust and confide in. Keep praying, and confide in God. He is listening.


Thank you everyone who replied to my thread God bless !!!


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