Praying for Job Offer

Please pray with me that I might finally have a job this week. I applied as a trainer in a company, and I am waiting for the job offer. I have been praying intensely for 2 weeks since I applied, and I hope to get this as I need the job real badly.

Prayers to St Joseph, patron of workers, for you. :gopray2:

I pray that you’ll get this job. :gopray:

Praying for you to get the job.

A Prayer for Work

May God bless all job searchers that they might find the job(s) that He wants them to have.


My prayers are with you, Milliardo.
May God grant you the job you so ardently desire and need.
God bless,

Praying for your job.

Praying you get the job!


I will pray for your job success.

Thank you for those who have prayed for me; I hope you continue to do so, as it’s been 3 weeks now with no word from them yet…

Kept in daily prayer…

      ..............    Barb


Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to call to show them how interested you really are…

Praying it all works out for you soon.

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