Praying for money?!

How do you pray for financial mercies? What about praying for financial blessings? Is this contrary to the way, the truth and the life? I am not in desperate circumstances but constantly on edge awaiting alimony each month, and very uncertain as to my future. My disability pay, which has been a mainstay for over 25 years, is being reviewed, and I would have a hard time documenting my disability in my new location where I am still trying, in the grips of much trouble with my physical and mental condition, to get established. I was under my husband’s care and provenance for 22 years and don’t know anything at all about how to manage money, let alone how to get it, I worked only briefly before the onset of a catastrophic disability at a young age.

I made myself very useful to people with the skills I still had but have nothing to show for it, even on a resume for future work–chronic mental patients, as I was deemed, while losing their standing in the community remain extremely provenant to those who bill them for their care and those who manipulate them for their needs.

Trying to figure this.

(My major disability is actually physical; I got lost in the MH system because it was so obscure nobody knew what was wrong.)

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