Praying for my Mom who is being tested for breast cancer


We’ve had a stressful couple of months due the possibley of my mom having Breast cancer. It began last year when she found a lump in her lump in her breast, that mammogram came back normal. A few months ago she started bleeding from her nipple (same side as the lump of course :rolleyes: ) she had anoughter mammogram. It came back normal but she continued to bleed. Well she had a culture taken, and the idot doc told her she had a papolium and that there was 50% chance of it being cancerous. He also told her he didn’t know which duct it was in so he would have to removed a couple of them. (I wanna know where he got his medical degree so I don’t attend there) Also her cells were Atypical. So while Mom is going on a tangent about having a masectomy, our family doc was pretty sure it was nothing, and that atypical doesn’t mean it was cancerous. Even so, Mom went to syracuse 2 days ago. They told her she had to have an MRI because of the cells being atypical but the doc down there said it was probably just inflammation. So May 4 she has the MRI. So, prayers for nothing to show up on it. Thanks everyone.


I’ve asked Our Lady of Lourdes for her intercession on your mother’s behalf.

God Bless


Dear Goth, as promised I continue to hold your mom up in my prayers. May she find the answers to her current medical crises and begin the necessary treatment for her ailments. Lord, comfort her and guide her physicians as they care for this dear woman. In the name of Jesus our Lord, Amen.




test results will etheir be in tomarro or Tuesday, prayers needed


Praying for your precious mum :heart:


Thank you all for your prayers. They have been answered. My mother is fine.:smiley:


God is good!

So happy for you and your family. :extrahappy:


Praise and thanksgiving for prayers answered.

May you and your family be comforted and peace come upon you all after this most trying time. God Bless.


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