praying for others....

**there are so many people out there to pray for…how does everyone pray for others? i get overwhelmed sometimes at the amount of people i want to pray for and worry that i will forget someone.


I try to pray for others and understand feeling overwhelmed at times and always thinking of one more person. Sometimes, I feel more overwhelmed when praying for others here at CAF due to going though times when I was able to post more frequently than I’m able to at this time. That’s my own guilt. :blush: Many times I would want to reply to a thread in another forum, but felt that I couldn’t unless I prayed and posted a prayer for others first. Two hours later… You get the picture.

So, just using CAF as an example - I now pray for each person specifically and post a traditional prayer at least once a week. Usually, more often, but at least once a week. There are many that I pray for individually on a daily basis ( some threads I have posted on. Some I have never posted.) When I pray, I usually know or get a feeling which ones are more urgent ( at least to me) I like to post at least once a week so they know and can see others are praying. I can’t begin to tell you how much it means to me to read the prayers others have posted on my requests, especially on a difficult day.

Each day, I also ask God to please answer, help and comfort all those who are asking for prayer and to bless and answer the prayers of all who have helped and prayed for me. I ask him to especially watch over those I’m praying for and to please remember anyone I may forget to name at that time. He knows. :slight_smile:

Easier answer than my long winded response- God will let you know. :slight_smile: Also, if it’s too many or overwhelming, God understands and is pleased just in the fact that you are thinking and wanting to pray for others. Don’t worry or stress about it! God bless you for your generous spirit.

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