Praying for people who have passed away,,

a sister that i’ve known has passed away last night,
and another sister had asked me to pray for her…

is it wrong to not pray a lot b/c u know confidently that the sister is in heaven?

edit: im sorry i just noticed that this place is only for prayer intentions and requests… mods… u can delete this thread or if u can, move it to another thread

You are right to ask prayers for anyone who has died. :slight_smile: It is a charity not to assume everyone has gone straight to heaven as they may be longing for prayer to complete anything they may have failed in while alive, and if we fail to pray for them, they may not enter heaven quite as quickly. I’m glad the sisters were such an inspiration to you! But they would be the last to think themselves faultless.
I’m sure they’re grateful for your charity and kind wishes towards their souls. Bless you!

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