Praying for protection


Hello dear community of Catholic Answers.
Why do we pray for protection in this world, good health, etc… if actually we want so hard to start the afterlife, go to heaven and meet God?
Thank you.


As long as we are alive, we have to proclaim the Good News to the whole world. We have duties.


Because we want to experience more of God’s presence in this life. I don’t want to wait until the afterlife to experience Him. I want Him now. James 4 says “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”.


A fine and valid question. No one wants to get hurt, of course. We all want to arrive at the point of death in good health and with a vibrant mind. We want life to be on our terms, with as little of the unknown as possible. We don’t care much for pain or adversity, even though that’s when we learn the greatest lessons. So it’s simply a very human response to seek the safe route and ask for bubble wrap to help us along the way. Naturally such prayers are seldom answered to our satisfaction. But I continue to hope anyway. :slight_smile:


Because even though we are temporary passengers in this world, when we are healthy and not under duress, we are capable of helping others and doing the good works that are the fruits of our faith.


Because we aren’t supposed to leave the planet till God says we can, because He put us here to do certain things and we have to accomplish our mission. So we pray for protection and good health as we go on our mission.

When I was quite young I too thought it would be great to just hurry up and die and get on with the business of eternal life and meeting up with God. I didn’t understand that he had a purpose for me being on earth, to learn things and improve myself and help others and so forth.


We’re not supposed to harbor a death-wish or take unnecessary chances.
You’re right that eternal life is more important, but that doesn’t make mortal life unimportant.

So, it’s appropriate to pray for protection, to make smart choices and take care of our bodies.
With the understanding the mortal life will some day come to an end.


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