Praying for the people along the East Coast of the U.S


And us connected with the Gulf of Mexico too. I don’t like the look of Isaac or that yellow “X”. They need to FIZZLE AND FIZZLE FAST!


The governors of NC and SC declared a state of emergency when the storm was a week away. That seems ridiculous to me. I realize how dangerous these storms can be, but it seems like the news and government enjoy worrying people a few weeks before anything happens. And often nothing really ends up happening. To me it ends up being like the boy who cried wolf.


Well if early preparedness and warning save one life it’s worth it.


True. But often times the evacuation itself causes deaths. People get panicked and act foolish. Or just the mass of people trying to leave ends up leading to deaths.


We lived in North Carolina for a decade, and they take these hurricanes very seriously. Lots of people refer to past hurricanes like Hazel and Hugo, which caused so much damage.

The fact is, it takes TIME to get prepared for a hurricane. People have to stock up on food, board up windows, put outdoor stuff (furniture, grills, etc.) under cover, make sure that they are ready for a power outage that might last for several days, make sure that they have a way to communicate.

And hospitals have to make sure that they have STAFF and SUPPLIES to last through a crisis.

Merchants have to stock up on all the stuff people might need.

Churches and other community organizations need to prepare to give shelter and other aid.

Boats are made ready to do service, and everyone makes sure they have gas.

CHILD care needs to be arranged for those who will be working at the hospitals or with the direct SAR operation. Some people send their children up north to stay with friends or relatives during the dangerous times.

Anyone with a medical condition needs to make sure that they have adequate supplies to keep themselves healthy and alive; e.g., oxygen, meds, etc.

Companies have to be prepared to be closed for several days, which means contacting all their customers and letting them know that there might be delays in production or delivery of goods and services.

There’s just an awful lot to do!


Family were living on the Gulf coast during Audrey in the 50’s and MANY MANY MANY lives were lost because they didn’t have the early warning and technology they have now. I’d rather know and have to time to do what needs to be done and prepare than not know.


You must live safely away from where these storms occur.


Of course. Because if I lived in the line of the hurricane (which is changing) I could only have one opinion. That one opinion, oddly, just happens to be your opinion. And it’s not as if the news hasn’t sensationalized hurricanes. It’s not as if this was one of Brian Williams topics where he had made stuff up. Nope. If the government and media has everyone worked up then it must be true.


Hundreds of thousands of water bottles meant for victims of Hurricane Maria are still sitting at a Puerto Rico airport — nearly a year after the deadly storm, according to a report


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