Praying for trivial things


I’ve heard conflicting answers on this. And by trivial, I mean prayers like, “Lord, help me to sleep well tonight,” or “Lord, give me the perseverance to practice my guitar each day.” Should Christians pray to God for such things?


As far as I can tell there’s nothing wrong with that, anyone can pray to God to do anything that is good and beneficial. Though I suppose some things (like clipping your toenails more often or something) could certainly be handled with simple decisiveness, unless it’s just that much of a problem or something. In all honesty I’m pretty new to the idea of being “religious,” so I might be way off, but it seems logical.

I would say there’s nothing wrong praying to practice guitar daily with perseverance, I myself should make such prayers as a musician more often. Especially if guitar performance is your career, that’s no light matter.


When you were a little child, did your father care whether you slept well? Would he have cared if you practiced a musical instrument? Of course he did; of course he would.

God is your Father equally as much, and He also cares about your small things, because they concern you, and He loves you.

By bringing “trivial” things to prayer, you increase your time of loving communion with God every day, and that’s always good. If you were to reject speaking to God about certain things because they didn’t matter enough, you would be shutting Him out of part of your life. A prayerful soul wants always to be communicating with God.

Please pray about every single thing that concerns you.



Lately, I’ve been wondering about this very thing.

Lo and behold… last night, on EWTN… I heard Mother Angelica talking about it. She said that God cares infinitely about every detail of our lives. Sacred Scripture tells us that He counts each hair that falls from our heads!

She then went on to say… that YES… it is ok to pray for things like… help in finding a parking place; helping us to develop our talents (such as your guitar playing); and help with sleeping, or other health issues. Pray for help with everything! Because God… Who by His own Grace, Mercy and Love… is now our Father, cares about everything that happens in our lives.

Hope this helps. God bless. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answers!


Trival matters would include such things as “Let the horse I bet on win the race” and “Give me cake because I want some”. It is never trival, however, to pray for your daily needs.


Of course. We are called to glorify God in all things that we do.


I’ve heard it said that there is no limit to the level of activities and needs which God in His infinite mercy cares about.

Many miracles have been attributed to St. Anthony, including finding lost items. There’s a smart prayer I found:

“Tony, Tony, turn around.
Something’s lost and must be found!”

Here’s a friend of God in perpetual gaze upon His face, willing to turn away to assist us in finding lost articles, no matter how trivial.


I don’t think that sounds trivial at all.

I mean…if you prayed to God that He would make you a guitar genius overnight with any practice necessary…yeah that sounds trivial. But the perseverance to practice the guitar every day can also be applied to other aspects of your life as well making you an overall better person. I think that’s pretty worthwhile. :slight_smile:


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