Praying for your Heart's desire

as some of you know, I am going through a dry spell. I know everything according to God’s will. But if you read Mk 11:23 that gives me hope. What is the best way to pray for your hearts desire? If you have this desire for most of your life, wouldn’t that be indicative of God’s will being the same? How is the best way (to put it in human terms) get positive results. Fasting? praying? perpetual prayer? has any of you had the same feelings and a heart’s desire that finally was given to you? please share privately and publically your thoughts and advice you may be willing to offer. Yes the desert is getting quite hot and quite dry. Thanks so much

If you haven’t heard about contemplative prayer, mysticism, mortification, purgative contemplation, transforming union or Divine Union, I am honored to bring you this terminology.

From what you’ve written, it seems you are actively seeking God. God already knows where you are so it isn’t about finding God, it’s about letting God into your mind and heart. This way you can open yourself up to healing and renewal beyond your currently wildest dreams, in terms of the serenity you can walk around with, “in the kingdom,” while you’re still here in this life to fully enjoy it. This is the Real Good News as I see it – we are all called to Divine Union by our very nature. Do what Jesus says; deny yourself (this is your ego or “false self” which needs to be mortified actively such as with the Litany of Humility or and/or passively such as with various contemplative practices). (see also CCC 2700-2725 on the expressions of prayer)

Contemplative prayer, the spotlight of my comments, is a self-effacing exercise where you let your normal stream of conscious thought go in favor of inviting the Lord into an open mind and heart. And strictly speaking, “contemplation” is not something you actually do, but is done unto you by the Lord, through the Holy Spirit aka the Divine Therapist, at His will and on His schedule. Contemplative practices open us up to His entry into our hearts, though, so IMO effectively there are things you can do to bring about healing because if you find a way to become open to it, I personally believe the Lord will not hesitate to bring you your treasure, and show you the way to the kingdom. We expose ourselves without commentary or excuse, just an open invitation that brings us into the deeper levels of intimacy with with written Word, compared to just the surface (literal) sense. As we enjoy the scrutiny of the Light of Truth, and experience the healing, the ride might be a little bumpy but not necessarily; each person’s journey toward Divine Union is different.


Believing you already have it, and thanking God for it in advance.

New age do use this technique that you mentioned which will lead to the wrong path.

(You cannot manipulate God into your own satisfaction).

But you can pray this way:

You pray from your heart and tell God, if this is according to your will. Amen

I have had this hearts desire for 25 years and it won’t flee me no matter how hard I try. I am not trying to manipulate God but rather begging him for relief. I am so tired and can’t take much more that is where I am at. Not that I want to bend God to my will I pray his will is in harmony with my desires . Kinda like a song I heard “I’d much rather be a hammer than a nail if I could I surely would.” that is my feelings and hope soon very soon God will deliver me from this desert. I tried everything acceptance yelling screaming pleading praying offering you name it I have tried it. and to no avail. Getting burned out. The reference in the post “know you already have it, thank God in advance.” That is in Mark 11:23 and other places I believe in the Holy Bible.

You must give up trying. If what you desire is in line with God’s will it then he will grant it. Otherwise, let it go and live the life you have at present. Jesus told us not to borrow from tomorrow but to simply trust God today. We don’t own tomorrow, for tomorrow may never come. We only exist in the present moment with the past as our background. Let God guide you instead of trying to get him to do anything. You will have no peace until you do.

Prayer is so simple. Pray from the heart and surrender to God. You can ask him, if this isn’t his will, to help you to make peace, to let go (it is hard to make suggestion, since i don’t know what you wish for), but i know, you must pray from the heart and trust God with the outcome.

God knows what is best for us but sometime, he waits for something from us.

One woman who wasn’t Catholic and didn’t realize that Jesus was the son of God, she was praying for the son of Mary to heal her (She was cripple and condemned in bed). After three years of prayer, she finally got impatient, she said, you are the son of Mary, that cans heal the blind, give life to the dead, why can’t you help me. Then she heard a voice, why don’t you ask for the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac. Jesus then appeared to her with twelve man. She finally realized that he was the son of God and she was miraculously healed.

Blessings and love!

p.s I would do a NOVENA. Many experienced miracles. Many novena has great promise that accompany them.

New age do use this technique that you mentioned which will lead to the wrong path.

(You cannot manipulate God into your own satisfaction).



Some translations also say, “believe you have received it, and it shall be yours.” This might be where fatima12 got the idea. :wink:


What about this scripture?

“Therefore I say unto you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they shall be granted to you.” Mark 11:23-24"

Yes yes yes… I beleive I will receive it. and it is moral legal and can help many people. Please all who are willing please pray for me and that my heart’s desire will be granted.

Mark 11:24
Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

Oops sorry, I didnt see the above replies with the same quote:)

Yes Thank you :slight_smile: Sorry I missed all previous replies before posting .

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