Praying in general

There’s so much possible to prayed in private devotion as a catholic. You have the Psalms, The LOTH, The Rosary, The chaplet of divine mercy and probably more that I don’t know of. Where do I start?

I don’t think there’s any reason why you couldn’t do a few of them every day. The psalms are in the LOTH so there’s that. The chaplet of the divine mercy only takes 10 minutes. I say the morning and night prayers out of the magnificat, the rosary and the chaplet at 3:00 everyday.

For me it was easy. The Holy Rosary! Why? Because The Blessed Virgin Mary wants us to. After that it’s the Divine Mercy Chaplet, because Jesus wants us to. I have several other prayers and novenas going on everyday. Why? I seemed to have been lead that way. My wife, who is Baptist, and I read the bible every day. That’s Good! Does my prayer life fit everyone? Maybe not. The big picture is to Pray!

I’d say start where your heart, and God, leads you. Which one pulls at you the most? Go with that one. Trust God to guide you.

Why not pray something different everyday?

Rosary on Sundays?
Divine Mercy Chaplet on Fridays?


If you are going to pray the LOTH you should do it every day. Also, my understanding is that the LOTH is not a private devotion - it is the prayer of the Church, even when prayed privately.

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