Praying in secret: what Ukraine's underground church teaches us today


I hope the works of this writer will be translated into English, and the world will discover another Solzhenytsyn, though in my opinion his style of writing is more profound and very important for historian.
In fact, if for example in Varlam Shalamov works we experience hopeless tragism, in Ivan Bagryaniy works, vice versa, there is even good sense of humor, optimistic full of hope patriotism and hope, even among inhuman suffering.

Thank you very much for posting this article. As a Ukrainian Greek Catholic myself, I think it’s extremely important that we not lose the memory of the underground Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and what our people suffered under Communism.


It is worth noting here that the historical Ukrainian church, dating to SS C&M, is what is now called the UGCC, and that the assorted Ukranian Orthodox churches were created far later, in its territory, and with its worldly resources . . . . . .

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A good source for some information on the Ukranian Catholic Church is the Cronicles of the Catholic Church in Lithuania.

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