Praying in Thanksgiving During These Hard Times?


I have no idea what happened to me this morning, but as soon as I opened my eyes I felt an inmense joy and an urgent need to give thanks to the Lord. Like many families we have also been affected by the whole economic mess, thankfully not as bad as many of my dear friends whom have lost their houses, cars, belongins and even their marriage. But this morning I felt such joy about the whole thing, I wasn’t even worried about the bills that are there waiting. I was so detached from any worry that as I gave thanks to the Lord, I thought to myself…"I hope I’m not loosing it :slight_smile: ".
I gave thanks because It suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks, that this is the first Christmas that I’m as close as I’ve ever been to poverty. That my whole life I heard and read the story of Jesus being born into such poverty, but I never really understood poverty, for I had never really lived it. So today I woke up feeling that this experience of recession could actually be a GIFT from the Lord for us. As strange as it may sound, I am thankful to be able to be under this economic condition during Christmas. Mary and Joseph were so poor and alone when Jesus wa born, not even their families were near to help and support them. They were literally walking in pure Faith and Faith alone. Later they went to Egypt to protect the child. Poor, alone and moving into a nest of snakes, but they depended on Faith and Faith alone. Emmanuel was with them (God among them).
So this morning, in much joy, I said this to the Lord.

" Thankyou Father for all the blessings you give me today, I have a humble shelter, a warm coat and blanket, food in my pantry and I live in a country of democracy where opportunity and fellowship are always available. I just have to make the effort to find them, but they are out there. I also thankyou for allowing me, for gifting me and many others the opportunity to immitate you in your poverty this Christmas. Thankyou for removing all the distractions, attachments and noise, that kept me from experiencing Love and Love alone. Jesus your poverty was not a symbol of being in misery or in lack, it is an example of what living in pure love and peace is. Mary and Joseph lived in poverty, the Apostles lived in poverty, many Saints gave all material things up to be able to experience poverty. Saint Francis of Asissi called her “Sister Poverty”, Mother Teresa of Calcuta loved her poor. So Lord thankyou for gifting me this opportunity to share with You and your Holy Family this experience of bare truth, bare love, bare faith, without all the past distractions, noise and lies that overshadow the true meaning of your Holy Birth. Material things and comforts of well living will return with all it’s noise, busynness and distractions. But right now Lord I will enjoy this opportunity, this GIFT of living this amazing experience with You, for it may never return and I’m humbled, overjoyed and thankful."
So this is a post of thanksgiving, as strange as it may be, but it is what my whole being felt this morning as I opened my eyes. It has been hard and it could get worse, but right now I’m just thankful and full of peace about it. I pray the same inner peace for all here at CAF and around the world. EMMANUEL (GOD among us).


Thank you for posting this. I know I tend to focus on the negative in my life at times instead of all the wonders God has blessed me with.
May you have a blessed Christmas!!!


Amen Galilea,

Thanks for posting and God Bless…


God bless you for the gift of gratitude. For so many are finding it difficult to get past the numbness or the anxiety of all theirs and their loved ones troubles.


Great post! Praying for you!


Thank you.


:amen: :blessyou:


I have prayed and prayed for inner peace, wisdom and truth for years. The Merciful Lord gave me this one day of inmense peace and gratitude…I’m grateful and humbled. Life continues to be what it is and I will continue to pray and pray. The next day life was already throwing hardballs at me :slight_smile: , but I remembered the gift I had been given the day before and I just smiled and took everything with an ease. I now have experienced the Grace of peace in every cell of my body, so my faith in prayer has been strengthened. It is better to pray for peace, wisdom and faith, because sometimes even if things must not go our way, being in peace, having faith and holding wisdom will still help us to overcome!!!



I continue Lord to give You thanks for all the blessings, for all the answered prayers, , for all that I’ve learned about those not answered…“For everything happens for the better good of those who love God”.
Father of Love and Mercy help us to be ever closer to you, that in this Christmas we come to realize that loving You above ALL things, helps us to find the real purpose of our life and our being here…Thank You Father, Thank You…Things will get better, it will all be alright…Everything that has happened You have ordered and I Trust You!!!


Thank you for this post, Galilea. All I can say is: AMEN!

I am praying for you.




Lord my Father, I am thankful to You for all the gifts and blessings that you’ve given me. I’m alive, I have the riches of my church, I carry in my heart and soul every expression of LOVE You have expressed towards me from “THE BEGINNING” to today.

Today I have another opportunity to LOVE YOU back, to go find YOU and discover more and more of your infinate wealth of gifts. I love YOU and YOU LOVE me back…LIFE is AMAZING!!!

CHRISTMAS is only but a few days away and I’m overjoyed remembering that only 2,000 years ago YOU breathed the air I breathe today. You came into the life of Mary and Joseph and through them YOU reached all of humanity, from that first day all the way until today…and I wonder, if I sit in total silence and adoration, can I still hear in the wind the sweet voice of Mother Mary singing YOU to sleep in her loving arms!!!

When Mother Mary appeared at her cousin Elizabeth door and announced her hello, YOU stood innocently and quietly in her womb. Elizabeth’s child jumped in her womb and in great joy of SPIRIT she blessed and praised in gratitud…If I sit in silence and adoration, I can see that Mother Mary was the very first image of our beautiful catholic church, her hello was like the first church bells ringing announcing that THE EUCARIST is here at the altar waiting in silence to be adored. Come to Emmanel and be saved! Come all tired, weak, receive HIS love and be consoled, be stregthened!..WHAT a SCENE my LORD, I wish I would of been there!!!

I stand in gratitud and joy today. I walk in hope and faith today. I’m greatful. Thank YOU FATHER, thank YOU.


Amen, Galilea. Thank you for posting this.


Lord Father of Love and Mercy, I am thankful, I am greatful, I am joyous, I am at peace, I am at health, I am at the feet of your Holy Will and I trust YOU.

Two more days till Christmas!!!..What a blessing…What a joy…What a miracle…Another whole day to celebrate You Lord, all of your Love, your Truth, your delivered Promise.

I thank YOU FATHER, I thank YOU.


Thankful…Greatful…Blessed…Lord Father your love and goodnes surrounds me.


In The Middle Of All This I Am Greateful, Thankful. Love Has Created Me, Love Is My Father, Love Is My Guardian, Love Loves Me.

I Am Greateful That I Have Hope, Faith And Love, These Three Hold Me, Guide Me, Sustain Me. I Have Love To Be Greatful To…i Am Greateful To Have My God To Pray To, To Speak To, To Count On, To Hold On To. Lord Thank You That I Have You And You Are All!!!..i Am Thankful, Greateful, Content, Hopeful. I Have The Love Of Love Himself, I Am Rich Because Of That, I Am Wealthy Because Of That. I Have It All…i Have The Love Of Love Himself!!! My True Job Now Is To Love Him Back.


Good to hear you found joy in the midst of your troubles. Isn’t God great? I’m sorry for your losses still. I pray things get better for you soon. You truly have made me grateful for all we have. I get too focused on what we don’t. Thank you.


Thankyou Father Of Love, Thankyou! Are My Rock, The Reason Of All My Existance, The Purpose Of My Being, The Only One True And Truth!!!



Peace, Joy and Gratitude have remained with me…It has been the BIGGEST and BEST christmas gift one could EVER receive!!!
I am so greateful, thankful, in peace, reguardless of all that is going on around me. How could I ever repay YOU LORD if Thankyou is too much of a simple word. You have answered all my prayers with peace and joy and I prefer these two before all else…Thank You Father, Thank You!!!


Lord Father of Love and Mercy, I am forever greateful to You. In the middle of all this, I’ve found that saying THANKYOU and just sinking deeper and deeper into that state of gratitude brings about a miraculous and healing grace into my life. I am completely abandoned into your loving and infinate mercy. “No wonder Jesus continuosly repeated for all to be thankful”!!! There is an ocean of peace, strength and healing that comes from it. The truth is, that I do not even know how to put it into words. All I know is that the more I let go of the worry and sink deeper into prayers and meditations of gratitude, the more healing and peace grows in me. I am thankful to You merciful and Loving Father. I am greateful and in a state of trust of YOU. Things are what they are, the situation is what it is, but I am thankful, in an awe of You and ALL that You are my LORD CREATOR. All of this situation and all of these things will go away one day. But You my Creator will be thre waiting for me with an eternal LOVE and Perfection, that is bigger and more infinate than the universe itself. I am at peace because a life of Perfection and PURE LOVE awaits me. It is okay now, all this shall pass and I’ll be joyfully and faithfully here waiting for my name to be called from your house FATHER. THANK YOU…what would be of me without YOU!!!

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