Praying in your dreams?


Have you ever prayed within a dream you were having?

Last night I had a horrible nightmare. In it, someone was telling me about ghosts and the occult, and I responded that I thought it would be very interesting to be visited by a ghost. (In real life, there’s no way I’d ever say that! I’m terrified of the whole prospect, and I won’t watch horror movies.) In the dream, I immediately realized that I was opening myself up to spiritual attack, and naturally began hearing something scratching at the door. :rolleyes: (There’s a public smoking balcony right outside my apartment door, and I often hear noises from there at night.) Of course, I try to react and find I’m frozen in bed - I am certain that if I could just turn on the lights, the demon wouldn’t attack me. In my dream, I started saying Hail Marys, repeating them again and again. Finally I was able to reach the switch on the bedside lamp, and I woke up. (The lamp wasn’t on when I woke up, just so you know.) When I woke up, I did a quick sweep of the apartment for anything out of place, and wondered why I hadn’t decided to say Our Fathers instead, since the Our Father specifically says “deliver us from evil.” I grabbed the Rosary from my nightstand, put it under my pillow, and alternated Hail Marys and Our Fathers until I was able to fall back to sleep.

What do you think? Spiritual experience or just a bizarre dream? Have you ever had an experience like this?


Wow, anyone can see that your fundamental option is God and goodness, that even in your dream you would call upon God in prayers. May God’s blessings continue to flow in your life and spirit!


I’ve had few similar dreams (I don’t remember all the details any more), in which I prayed hardly because something bad/evil was happening…

I don’t make too much out of it, after all it is a dream and I have no control of what I am dreaming about…


There have been one or two occasions where in my dream, something was happening or about to happen that caused me to think I was about to die. Once I realized my death may be imminent, I immediately began to pray.
It was not terrifying at all. It was actually rather soothing to think I may soon be in heaven.
I was also grateful for the chance to know I was about to die, to give me that last opportunity to profess my faith and repent again of my sins right before death.


I have had similar experiences


I’ve had a fiew dreams where something terrible was happening, or I did something terrible, and I began praying hard. I sometimes woke up from these dreams still praying. I had to tell myself that it was just a dream, and that there was no point in praying about it any more, now that I’m awake.


In my dreams have often warded off vampires and horrible nasties by signing them with the Cross, and so forth. As someone said, be happy - even your deepest subconscious is aware of the power of God!


i think a little bit of both. this sort of thing has happened to me before, and also the dream you had has happened to people when they were awake- except it was not a dream or vision.


I had a series of 3 identical dreams over the course of 3 nights. The devil (or a demon of some sort) was coming and killing everyone I cared about. The first two nights I actually fought with him - and lost of course. On night number 3, for whatever reason instead of fighting I dropped to my knees and prayed just as he was coming to me. That dream has never returned.

I have had several other dreams where I have been praying, but none as vivid as that one.

I say your experience was probably a spiritual experience. Even if the dream was literally just a dream, it was still an experience of acknolwedging the existence of evil and turning toward God in prayer.


I’ve had similar dreams, too (and I usually start praying a Hail Mary in my dream as well and then bless myself) - even so far as to turning a light on in my dream. I’ve also done that a few times - grab the Rosary and pray after waking up (around 3:00-3:30AM! :eek: )

Now, I’ve had nicer dreams where I’m praying in church, or even receiving communion (on the tongue).


Spiritual Experience.


I took a nap one day after work, when something suddenly dropped down through the ceiling, it was a transparent gray foot and ankle (thats all I could make out because I was sleeping) and it was trying to smash my Head in to my pillow and it also gave off a strange buzzing sound.I was completely paralyzed in my sleep, but I knew what was going on at the same time.I prayed the St.Michael pray, The Hail Mary and the Our Father as fast as I could until this thing lifted off of me. When I finally woke up, the only thought I had was that it was the Devil himself that had just attacked me.


Thanks for all your replies. I’m still not sure what it was - in looking back on it, I realize the cat wasn’t bothered at all, so I don’t know if that means anything. Thinking about it still freaks me out a bit, and I’m still sleeping with my rosary. :blush: I’ve been praying a lot more since it happened, so if it was a spiritual attack, it seems to have backfired. :smiley: :thumbsup:


I think it was just a bizarre dream. I’ve had religious dreams that were really out there. One time I had a dream that I had been kidnapped by a cult and was brought to their apartment. I was then tied in a chair, told by the cult members that the chair was placed within a protective circle and that if I were to move from this protective circle it would cause dozens of demons to take possession of my body. All of a sudden in came crashing through the wall a warrior angel that looked exactly like Sean Connery. LOL

I wouldn’t think too much about such dreams and if you need the rosary to keep you calm and at peace after such nightmares then Our Lady would be pleased at your having confidence in her loving protection and intercession.



If it is alright, I’d like to expound my view on the subject.

I personally don’t think that it matters what it was; whether it was just a dream or something else. What is important is that God loves you and cares for you, and he is with you in your most difficult times.

I think that you should just pray to him and with him so you may better spiritually see what God is like. If it matches up with your dream, then God was with you. If not, then it was just a dream, and then you should simply base your reality on what you experience in prayer, at Mass and in your everyday life, because that is where God is to be encountered.

I hope that helps.


Love the angel warrior story :grinning:


Many spiritual experiences occur in dreams. It is not bizarre. Sometimes we are more aware and open to the Spiritual Realm when we are not caught up in our ego functions.

I have prayed many times in dreams. I sang parts of the Mass in Latin, though I never learned these parts sufficiently to do this in waking life, I guess it is in there somewhere.

I have also had spiritual battles like this that are very frigtening. Sometimes I have prayed in tongues in my dreams.


I’ve recently just started having these dreams too. I’m wondering if it’s a sign or something. I have crazy, scary dreams of being a driver a lot and my car never does what I want it to do (slow down or break mostly). I have a feeling that I’m going to die in a car accident because I have so many dreams of bad things happening to me when in a car.
Anyways, the last dream I had of me being in a car, it started speeding backwards (reverse) and there was nothing I could do. The breaks weren’t working nor did it help for me to put the car in drive. All I could do was close my eyes tightly and repeat the our father. Sometimes I would forget the lines and start over until I did even though I said them perfectly the first few times. I had my two relatives in there as well, screaming their heads off as I tried to concentrate on my prayer. What seemed like an eternity was shortly gone when I opened my eyes and realize the car was at a complete stop before going over a curb. I woke up shortly after that to realize it was a dream.

This next dream actually happened last night and I don’t want to read into it too much but I can’t help it being raised in a shaman household before converting to Catholic. In the dream, my brother had called forth an evil spirit/demon. My eldest brother who was brefily there told me to pray (he isn’t a religious person what so ever), so I took my nieces hand as well as my younger brother’s (the one who called the spirit) and prayed the our father over and over again. The spirit then went away, but not for long. It came back and this time I shut my eyes and prayed once more, again forgetting some lines but starting over until the spirit vanished.

Totally unrelated but on the subject of dreams, I’ve had some weird dreams with deceased relatives… The most recent death in my family was my grandma. During her funeral, the family had a gathering just to chat about memories. I was working that day so I was unable to attend. That night I got home from work, I had a weird dream… In the dream the house I was in started to shake and weird things were happening. The house then burst up in flames. I ran through the hallway and bump into my cousin. I looked up at her and I screamed, “this is all your fault!! Grandma is upset because of you!!!” I woke up from that dream. I told my sister about it and she told me something that made chills run down my spine. She said that at the gathering, our little cousin (4yrs old) cried and told my cousin (who was in my dream that I blamed) that she saw grandma sitting over there across the room, looking very blue with black eyes. My cousin then told her that grandma was gone and not there anymore, but my little cousin still cried and said grandma was there looking at them until she fell asleep.

I know I should not read into these things much but I just really wanted to know what you all think and that if my dreams are really trying to tell me something. Am I being “followed” or could it just be my imagination. I would really like some answers.


It was just a dream. I’ve had a few dreams in which my brother or someone I know gets possessed and I try calling a priest but get no answer. I end up praying and having to do the exorcism myself, as if I would ever do something like that in real life.


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