Praying Only Through Mary... Against Church Teaching?

It is my understanding that St. Louis De Montfort promoted praying always to God through Mary.

Is this against church teaching?

Well, St Louis couldn’t mean it literally. After all, he still said Masses, the prayers of which are addressed directly to God, for one. Being a priest, would’ve said his Divine Office every day too, which is also addressed directly to God.

As for private prayer, if it is OK to sometimes pray privately to God through Mary, and it is, there’s no reason why we can’t address ALL our private prayers to God through her. :shrug:

Yes, I would be speaking of all our private prayers and not actually be including prayers like the Our Father, Litanies, or other Vocal Prayers that are obviously directed at God directly.

I guess the burden of proof is on you here. Show us where it says it’s in violation of Holy Mother Church’s teachings.

My gut feeling is that I can’t imagine the Church would approve and promote a spiritual exercise that was in contradiction of its teachings.

Jesus tells us that NO person comes to the Father except through Jesus. One has to be sure that they are in line with biblical principles since the church relates through the Bible.


I believe there is a huge advantage in praying to God through Mary. Being human, our prayers are imperfect. But through the intercession of Mary, she can take our imperfect prayers and perfect them, and then offer our perfected prayers to God.

Yes indeed, and just how does exactly does one come to Jesus in the first place so that He can then take one to the Father, hmmm?

Of course one can come to Jesus through Mary who He loved and honoured to the utmost (as the commandments bid Him do) while on earth, no?


I believe that the essential calling of this devotion is not to “address all our prayers” to Our Lady, but to offer Her and to entrust Her with all the merits earned by all our prayers, our sacrifices and our good actions:

True Devotion
137. Moreover, as I have said before, no other act of devotion enables us to rid ourselves so easily of the possessiveness which slips unnoticed even into our best actions. This is a remarkable grace which our dear Lord grants us in return for the heroic and selfless surrender to him through Mary of the entire value of our good works. If even in this life he gives a hundredfold reward to those who renounce all material, temporal and perishable things out of love for him, how generously will he reward those who give up even interior and spiritual goods for his sake!

He explains that this devotion does not hinder our prayers:

  1. Some may object that this devotion makes us powerless to help the souls of our relatives, friends and benefactors, since it requires us to give our Lord, through Mary, the value of our good works, prayers, penances, and alms-giving.
    To them I reply:
    (1) It is inconceivable that our friends, relatives and benefactors should suffer any loss because we have dedicated and consecrated ourselves unconditionally to the service of Jesus and Mary; it would be an affront to the power and goodness of Jesus and Mary who will surely come to the aid of our relatives, friends and benefactors whether from our meager spiritual assets or from other sources.
    (2) This devotion does not prevent us from praying for others, both the living and the dead, even though the application of our good works depends on the will of our Blessed Lady. On the contrary, it will make us pray with even greater confidence. Imagine a rich man, who, wanting to show his esteem for a great prince, gives his entire fortune to him. Would not that man have greater confidence in asking the prince to help one of his friends who needed assistance? Indeed the prince would only be too happy to have such an opportunity of proving his gratitude to one who had sacrificed all that he possessed to enrich him, thereby impoverishing himself to do him honor. The same must be said of our Lord and our Lady. They will never allow themselves to be outdone in gratitude.

It is about learning to trust. It is about willfully entrusting Her with the value and merit of all our prayers, the same way the Our Lord entrusted Himself to Her care when he entered Her womb.:slight_smile:

  1. Some may say, perhaps, if I give our Lady the full value of my actions to apply it to whom she wills, I may have to suffer a long time in purgatory. This objection, which arises from self-love and from an unawareness of the generosity of God and his holy Mother, refutes itself… Will this generous and unselfish soul, I ask, be punished more in the next world for having been more generous and unselfish than other people? Far from it! For we shall see later that our Lord and his Mother will prove most generous to such a soul with gifts of nature, grace and glory in this life and in the next.

I pray this helps,

To Jesus Through Mary :thumbsup:

Edward Henry

Who is better to go to Jesus than Mary?

Please allow me to post here the same post that I posted in the thread True Devotion to Mary

One has to be sure that they are in line with biblical principles since the church relates through the Bible.

Permit me submit this segment of a thread that I read in another Marian forum:

** "When the Creator announced to Satan, *’ will put enmity between you and the woman,’ ***He could have said *‘I will put enmity between you and my Son,’ *He clearly did not, why? Saint Louis de Montfort had a clear logical understanding of why the Triune God had chosen Mary, His humblest creature, to be the one to fight the final battle against the enemy of His Creation .‘Satan, being proud, suffers infinitely more from being beaten and punished by the little and humble handmaid of God (Mary), and her humility humbles him more than the Divine power’…

” In His Almighty Wisdom, God knows that Satan’s greatest weakness is his pride, and that although he anticipates his final defeat, he would have preferred to be defeated by the Son of God Himself. In his sick pride, that would turn his final defeat into a victory. If the Son of God had destroyed and chained Satan during his saving mission on earth, he could have boasted eternally that ‘it took the intervention of God himself to defeat him.’ But God is wiser than a proud evil angel. The All-seeing Wisdom of God anticipated that it doesn’t require the intervention of the Son of God, in order to personally defeat a proud and disobedient angel. Although only the loving sacrifice of the Son of God could break the power our death and restore our friendship to the Father, His Divine hands needed not be soiled in a personal battle to defeat the evil creature.

So the Creator chose that this tremendous battle, should be “a battle of creatures.” The spiritual Battle between the proudest creature and his evil followers against the most humble of all creatures, the Blessed Virgin and her consecrated souls. Again: “Satan, being proud, suffers infinitely more from being beaten and punished by the little and humble handmaid of God (Mary), and her humility humbles him more than the Divine power.” Could any true Bible Christian disagree with such Divine Logic?

As the Risen Lord ascended up to heaven he knew that He was leaving his disciples in a world which was still under the evil power of the adversary. This is why He prayed for them to His Father: *“I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil one.” Our Lord even refers to him by the title “the ruler of this world.” *

Despite Jesus’ victory of the Resurrection, the fallen angel retains his evil power, which he exercises against the disciples and the Church. After restoring us to the Father’s friendship and breaking the power of death, Our Lord ascended to the Father leaving His Church in the midst of spiritual warfare. The “prince of this world” is still a large, but Son of God knows that this ‘angelic’ battle is not His to undertake. His mission of salvation is over, and His triumph over Death has been ”accomplished.” The personal battle against the evil creature must be fought by the *“Woman and her seed.” * This battle is the mission assigned to His Mother!

But this battle is also a call to humility for us pride-stricken creatures. It is a lot easier for us proud creatures to “rally behind the Son of God” than it is to pray the Rosary and rally behind another creature. It is easier for us to “go straight to Jesus” than it is to go and plead for the intercession of his humble and Divine Mother. The divine test is perfect! Are we ready to take it?"

The rest of the article: .here

The way I undesrtand it, is that God is giving us a second chance. It is a test of humility: Our pride led us to become *“slaves” *of sin of the serpent. Can our humility move us to willingly consecrate us as “slaves” of the Woman?
I hope this helps

To Jesus throug Mary :thumbsup:

Edward Henry

As I mentioned the church is in line with biblical principles, and as fare as praying to, or through Mary, well, Mary is, as should be in the principles of spiritual life she is my mother as she should be every Christians!

So as I ask my mother on earth to ask dad for favors, if there is a need then who more favored have I than my spiritual mother to ask Jesus HER son the son of GOD for any favors I need.

Surely before my family or parents on earth I MUST put my desires to Jesus and Mary, at times some saints such as St Therese, St Anthony, and others also I ask the Holy Spirit for favors on many occasions.


True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis de Montfort can be summed up in one saying: “All things through Mary, with Mary, in Mary, and for Mary.”

But this does not mean you cannot talk to nor pray to God directly. If you never pray to God, but only to Mary, there is a word for this: Idolatry. If you put anything above God it is idolatry.

What St. Louis is saying that WHEN you pray to God, Mary is with you, She is around your neck (Scapular), She is in your hand (Miraculous Medal) and She is in your mind and heart because of your love for Her. Also, you are in Her: She is the New Ark (Ark of the Covenant and Noah’s Ark…). You are in Her because you have consecrated Yourself to Her as Her true son and slave of love. But i repeat: you will pray to God without ceasing (as the Bible says).

However as the HOLY SPIRIT leads, you will pray Hail Mary’s and Rosaries when the need arises. When you are tempted or think an evil thought, you might consider the Spiritual technique i use: pray a Hail Mary, and if that doesn’t work, pray another one, until the temptation flees. However, Mary is just a part of God’s plan for Spiritual Victory. The other parts include Daily Mass, daily Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and following the Holy Spirit’s constant guidance. We should be talking and praying to God WITHOUT CEASING as the Bible says. And God Himself will direct us when to pray Rosary’s and when to go to our Mother for advice and help.

In the natural, we have both a father and a mother whom we consult at different times–so in the Spiritual. Personally, i ALWAYS carry a Miraculous Medal in my hand and NEVER EVER forget to wear my Scapular. And to miss praying the Rosary for a day could lead to disaster. The closer you get to Mary the closer She will lead you to Her Son, and the closer You get to God, the greater love and devotion He will give you for Mary. i hope this helps. God Bless! :slight_smile:

I think you missed the very important point and that is it doesn’t end here at Mary but at Jesus - all through her, with her, in her and for Her in order to go through Jesus, with Jesus, in Jesus and for Jesus.

yes water, right after i entered that i realized i left out the second half of the phrase, so i will repeat it:

All things through Mary, with Mary, in Mary and for Mary, in order to do them through Jesus, with Jesus, in Jesus, and for Jesus.

This is how True Devotion to Mary can be summed up. Also, i would like to add that the Church has officially defined the types of devotions we are to give to God, Mary, and the Saints. To God we are to give “latria” (worship); to the Saints we are to give “dulia” (honor/veneration/devotion); and to Mary “hyperdulia” (meaning greater honor/veneration/devotion). The love we show to Mary cannot be considered worship, as this is saved for God alone. God Bless! :slight_smile:

I should’ve said that was what I thought too. :slight_smile:
Btw, my girlfriend did her consecration today too and made my renewal on this special day with her as well.

praise God! :slight_smile:

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