praying only to "God"

can I just pray to “God” instead of addressing a member of the trinity.sorry for this silly question but i just want to pray to "God"and i want to make sure its ok. thanks

is it ok only to pray to “God” instead of a trinity member

is it ok to just pray to “God” instead of praying to one specific member of the trinity

like what i mean is can you just pray by saying “dear God” instead of “father” or “lord jesus”

Of course…I would think that either would be acceptable.

Peace and All Good!

Of course, either is perfectly acceptable :thumbsup:


what member do you pray to or do you just pray to “God”

what member do you most often address or do you just pray to “God”

Yes you can. :slight_smile:

it doesn’t matter which one when God is 3 in 1 or a trinity. Why have you asked this on 4 different threads?

My prayers typically, but not exclusively, begin with Dear Heavenly Father, or in the name of the Trinity.

Do you mean exclusively, every day, in private devotion and public liturgy, no matter what? No.

If you mean usually, in your private devotions, in ad lib prayer, sure it’s fine.

But a well-rounded Catholic both acknowledges and addresses the Three Persons in the Trinity as appropriate. If I may be so curious, may I ask why you don’t wish to do so?

just trying to get as much responses as possible

i just feel more comfortable praying to God but thanks

For me it’s Jesus because I can picture him in my mind sort of, I can’t picture the Father or spirit so I feel like I’m just praying to something invisible. But Jesus makes it more ‘human’ or familiar, like I can know him as a person and have a conversation.

Hope that makes sense.:shrug:

The Father.

Sometimes for me they start off with “Father…” meaning God.
Other times, it’s “Lord” meaning Jesus.

Sometimes I will invoke the Holy Spirit for help, strength and understanding.

So all of them, it really just depends.

It’s interesting, because your username contains a common epithet of God the Father. So…

Why have you asked this question 5 times now?

I answered on one of your other threads BTW.

just trying to get as many responses as possible sorry if your affended you

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