Praying Rosary During Mass?

Is there a document that actually approved the praying of the Rosary during the Mass in the past?

I am aware that the apostolic exhortation Marialis Cultus states that “liturgical celebration and the devotional practice of the rosary are seen to be neither in opposition nor on an equal plane” to the Mass, but was approval actually given at some point to pray the Rosary during the Mass?

Not even Pope Pius XII assisted by Archbiship Lefebvre and St./Padre Pio would have approved of saying the rosary during Mass. One’s attention is suppsoed to be focussed on the sanctuary and what is happening there, even if it required the aid of a missal. The rosary is a separate devotion.

People USED to pray the Rosary during Mass- not because that’s what they were supposed to do, but because that’s what they chose to do, over following along in a missal or just following along. Some of the elderly still do it. They aren’t supposed to do it, but who’s going to stop a little old lady who might whack ya one if you try?:wink:

For all the gripes about Vatican II, one of the resolutions of VII was to participate in Mass during Mass, and save the Rosary for before or after Mass, or someplace else, or another time.

Why can’t people go to Mass 15 minutes early and pray the Rosary BEFORE Mass? That is what I do daily and then I am able to give full and undivided attention to the Mass itself. I would think it would be very distracting to be praying the Rosary and still try to keep up with the responses.


Are you allowed to pray during Mass?

The Rosary is a prayer.

Well, here you go.

It’s not as simple as the Rosary being a prayer.

Of course you can pray at Masses, but praying the Rosary during a Mass is sort of like praying the Stations of the Cross during a Mass.

Go early and pray the Rosary before Mass, or even set aside twenty minutes of family time at home to pray the Rosary. Or pray it after a Confession, or before, etc…

You are at Mass to be at Mass.

Mass Participation: Attend the Mass with a spirit of prayer, praying as the Church teaches us to pray, avoiding distractions, Be one with the words, actions, and gestures of the celebrant, who acts in the person of Christ. Listen, respond, acclaim, sing, or keep opportune silence, in order to facilitate union with God and to deepen your reflection on the word of God. Ref. Roman Missal

I do not believe that one could say the Rosary during Mass and follow the referenced guidelines of the Roman Missal. God Bless


Well, recently, I started to notice that actually there are quite a no of people (mostly elderly) who pray Rosary during mass all the way, even during Eucharistic prayer. I can’t help but feeling annoyed.

whoops sounds like it will take one of us oldies to answer this one, you young whipper snappers don’t remember when the Mass was in Latin, all you saw was the priest’s back, and he was surrounded by a flock of acolytes fluttering around with incense, bells and what-not, entertaining but for someone on the elderly side, perhaps from the old country, who did not have the advantage of 12 yrs in Catholic school to learn Latin, full active participation was a pipe dream. The responses were made in Latin by the altar boys, who represented the congregation, in any case.

The choir sang the Gloria etc, but not in any setting that the laity were encouraged to join in, and there might be, if you were lucky, one hymn everyone knew, that was for congregational singing rather than choir and soloists.

Us youngsters had our St. Joseph or St Andrew missal to follow along, or perhaps were part of a youth choir, but the oldsters had not much to do apart from muttering “Et cum spiritu tuo” from time to time. they either prayed from their prayerbook or with a rosary.

You have know idea what that lovely old person in the back row is doing with their rosary so don’t make a judgement. Contemplation is just as “active” participation as taking an “active role in ministry” as EMHC, or doing all the singing, moving and responding. Someone who has been saying the rosary for years, and is immersed in the sacredness of the Mass and sacraments - MIL comes to mind - is probably more deeply participating in their contemplation, aided by their rosary, than many of us who are fussing with children, flipping through the missalette, or rushing around ministering. Please do not judge, you have no idea how well any one else is praying.

Despite what some Pharisees will tell you, there is nothing wrong with praying the Rosary during Mass. Pius XII himself used to pray the Rosary during Mass (those he wasn’t saying, of course).

From the reprint of the 1908 “My Prayer Book - Happiness in Goodness” by Father Lasance:

The Eucharistic Rosary

A Devotion that is suitable at Holy Mass and at the Hour of Adoration

The Holy Rosary, on account of the meditations on the mysteries in the life of Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin, which we make while reciting it, is one of the most useful devotions while assisting at Mass, or, in conjunction with our visits to the Blessed Sacrament and the Hour of Adoration.

The Eucharistic Rosary is especially recommended for this purpose, as it unites meditation on the sacred mysteries of the rosary with reflections on the life of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist.

The book continues on with a bit of history of the rosary and how to pray it, followed by the meditations. Here’s a sample one:

2nd Glorious Mystery
The Ascension

O Divine Saviour! Thy triumph in this mystery has reached its perfection! By raising Thyself up to heaven through Thy own power, Thou hast taken possession of Thy Kingdom, and Thou art seated at the right hand of Thy Father to be forever the joy of the angels and saints. Every day also without quitting Thy throne Thou comest upon our altars, under the form of bread, to bring us a foretaste of the heavenly beatitude.

O Thou, the delight of pure souls, we adore Thee and we beg of Thee, through the intercession of Thy holy Mother, an ardent desire of possessing Thee here below under the Eucharistic veils, and to possess Thee in heaven in the splendour of Thy glory.

Although the language is archaic, the meditations are deep and beautiful and would certainly help focus a persons mind on the deeper meaning of the mass.

This prayer book was very popular in it’s day and has made a bit of a comeback in some circles. It was published by Benziger Bros and has an Imprimatur from John M. Farley, Archbishop of New York.

Where did you hear that?

trc, I just heard that mystery the other day when the rosary was prayed in front of the Blessed Sacrament Exposed. :slight_smile:

Yes, where did he hear that?! I searched and searched for that one the last time it was read and it can’t be found anywhere. In fact, I think I once found something quite to the contrary but, unfortunately, we had this discussion in the “missing months”. I’ll have to google again. :mad:

what’s a missal?

a missal contains the reading for the day, the responsorial psalm the antiphons, the alluia reading (forgot what its called) ti helps you follow along. it will also have the order for mass with all the prayers in another section, once again so you can follow along.

if I prayed the rosary at mass today I would have missed the mass since it takes me twenty minutes to pray the rosary and that how long the daily mass was today.

It’s similar to the missalette you find in churches. It has the order and prayers of the Mass so that one can follow along.

I heard it from an unimpeachable source.

Alright can I just invent my own prayers during Mass to be said (in my mind, of course) while the priest(s) say the ones appointed for the day? Why can’t you just say it before Mass? Then you will have more prayers in addition to the Holy Sacrifice. Doesn’t this encourage people to not pay attention to the readings of the day?

I must confess to having prayed the Rosary during homilies preached by priests who specialize in error and evening-at-the-Improv-type gimmicks.

I went to a church on vacation during the summer where I was in doubt that the matter was even valid.
I continually repeated the Prayer to St. Michael from beginning to end. I should have said the Rosary.

(the ten glass goblets on the altar almost did me in)

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