Praying the Liturgy of the Hours using "Christian Prayer"


Some of you may be familiar with the prayer book called “Christian Prayer”. It is an abbreviated version of the Liturgy of the Hours that is easier for lay people to understand and use (more portable and smaller).

I have been praying the hours for about a week or so and have the “Saint Joseph Guide to Christian Prayer” book that is supposed to help with knowing where to go and when, but I have hit a road-block.

Does anyone know what the parenthesized and un-parenthesized page numbers mean in the morning and evening prayers in the guide? How do I know which one to do? I could do both, but I would prefer to understand it as opposed to shot-gun it.

If anyone can help that would be great, you are probably going to have to be someone who uses this guide and has been doing so for a while. Thanks in advance.


When the ordo gives you two numbers, one in parenthesis and one outside it means that you can say the office on either of those pages for that day.

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This is what I suspected, so one is not more appropriate than another at any given time?


They are equally appropriate. These choices are usually given for memorials. Most are not mandatory.

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