praying the Luminous Mysteries

How come some Catholic dont have these apart of their Rosary? whats the reasons to have them and whats the reason do not have them thanks God bless

Some wish to stick with the Rosary as they believe was passed down by Mary. They believe that it is traditional and to add anything to it is wrong.

Though I bet most of them pray the Fatima prayer which is an addition.

Because they were added by Pope John Paul II and they don’t want to change from the traditional rosary I guess

The Fatima Prayer is not a part of the rosary. A decade of the rosary consists of one Pater Noster, ten Ave Maria and one Gloria Patri. You could pray a rosary chaplet and dispense with the Credo, Salve etc.

Oh and the big difference between the Fatima prayer and the Luminous Mysteries is that one was requested by the Queen of Heaven herself…

Some pray the Fatima prayer as a part of their Rosary. There are several ways the Rosary has been augmented over the years, with the Paters, Ave and Gloria remaining the constant part of what makes up the decades.

Requested in a private revelation that is not binding.

The Luminous Mysteries were added by a blessed, soon to be saint.

The Luminous Mysteries are the public ministry of Jesus. I welcome them because for me the Rosary was always incomplete without them.

It’s important to note that the Luminous Mysteries weren’t really ever “added” to the rosary. They were a meditation that Blessed Pope John Paul II prayed on, and thought that others might be interested. To my knowledge, he never told anybody that they were required or even that they should be meditating on the luminous mysteries.

So if someone doesn’t, it doesn’t mean they are anti-John Paul II, anti-Vatican II, anti-anything new or anything else of the sort.

Pax and God bless.

Actually, one does not even need the Gloria Patri. The Franciscan Crown aka Seraphic Rosary consists of seven decades of one OF and 10 HMs. No introductory prayers, and at the end just two more HMs to bring the count up to 72 (Mary’s traditional life span on Earth. A final OF and HM for the Pope’s intentions and to gain the indulgences. :slight_smile:

And this Rosary is loaded with indulgences:D

Perhaps the best place to answer your questions would be the letter that John Paul II wrote about his thoughts on the Rosary, and the introduction of the Luminous Mysteries. From the USCCB bookstore comes…

The Pope makes it quite clear that this new addition is quite optional. Now I usually pray the Franciscan Rosary, not the Dominican. But when I do pray the Dominican Rosary, I include the Luminous Mysteries. :yup:

That’s right, just as no one is required to pray the Rosary at all.

When I do pray the Rosary, which is not that often, I only use the Sorrowful Mysteries.

the Mysteries are events in the Gospels that Catholics meditate upon as they pray the rosary, so every Catholic “has” all the mysteries. Did you mean to ask, why do some Catholics prefer to pray only on the 15 traditional mysteries?

yea that’s what i meant, and thank y’all for the answers God bless and i think i might not use the luminous mysteries i have before and they are beautiful but they just don’t feel Rosary too me

Actually, one does have to include the Gloria Patri. The Franciscan Crown is not the rosary, it is a separate chaplet consisting of seven decades [though it shouldn’t technically be called a decade] of seven Ave Maria

And this Rosary is loaded with indulgences:D

But it’s not Our Lady’s Sorrows. I have prayed the Chaplet of Our Lady’s Sorrows [though I’ve had to stop recently]. It’s a lovely chaplet, with many indulgences etc. But it’s not the rosary.

For some is just tradition. Also I remember hearing once upon a time that the 15 decades in the “traditional” mysteries were to match the 150 psalms. If you now have 20 decades it throws that linkage between the rosary and psalms out the door.

Just a thought. I pray which ever set I feel I need to meditate on regardless of the day it is. Well that and I sometimes forget which mysteries go with which day :rolleyes:

Yup, imo just tradition.

Those young enough that grew up with the LM’s probably don’t give them a 2nd thought …other than dwell on them as the beautiful sacred mysteries of faith they are.

I’ve often heard it said that saying the Rosary ranks right up there next to attending mass/holy communion as a form of worship. Because I truly believe that and am willing to bet my eternal soul on it, I say the Rosary exactly the way the great thinkers of the Church recommend I do.

Try as I might I’m not a ‘sermon on the mount’ type Catholic so the correct procedure of requesting divine intervention, showing love and respect for God becomes very important to me.

…as an aside only recently have the LM’s become a competing elective over the JM’s that I usually enjoy as a favorite for my 2nd daily Rosary (if time allows).

As a long time grudgingly acceptor of the LM’s I don’t have a clue why that is either.

This brings me to a couple of questions (that bothers me a bit):

  • Is it regarded as uncatholic-no good to have a 20 decade rosary?

  • Is it regarded as progressive and bad to pray all the sets (luminous included) on week basis?

  • Should i on the other hand instead pray the traditional 15 mysteries a day instead?

  • Is it uncatholic of me to only just follow the day to day and mysteries from day to day cyclus?

And yes…im dead serious in my questioning.

I wouldn’t think so. Who else but a catholic would pray the rosary any way? I thought I read a story where monastics used to use a rope with 150 knots to daily pray the psalms. I thought that is the basis of the Eastern prayer rope, but I might be wrong.

  • Is it regarded as progressive and bad to pray all the sets (luminous included) on week basis?
  • Should i on the other hand instead pray the traditional 15 mysteries a day instead?

The LM aren’t bad or uncatholic, just not traditional. The rosary is a personal devotion so bless you if you have such devotion to spend time in prayer with the Blessed Virgin. It doesn’t matter if you pray 15 or 20 decades as long as you are focused on Christ while you are doing it.

This is a nice saying but when one actually takes a look at it they realize that it does not work.

Each decade of a Rosary consists of at least 12 prayers (Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, and a Glory Be). Also there are the three Hail Marys to begin the Rosary so one could not even say that there are 150 Hail Marys (there are 153).

I would say (and I believe it can be successfully argued) that the praying the Liturgy of the Hours is second to Mass, not the Rosary. This is because the LotH is actual Liturgy and is the prayer of the Church.

Don’t get me wrong, the Rosary is a nice prayer for those who feel called to do it, but it is a private devotion, and as such is in no way equal to the actual prayer of the Church in its Liturgies.

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