Praying the Mass


I was wondering if it is a common practice for Catholics to pray the words of a daily Mass as a part of their prayer and devotion. Would it be appropriate to pray the words of the Mass for that particular day? If so, does the church have anything to say on how God views this? For example, is an indulgence granted? Thank you so much.


As far as I’m aware, it is customary to read the daily readings from the day’s Mass. however, I never came across the custom of actually praying the Mass on one’s own. Even though I don’t think it’s sinful, it’s not something you do on your own. What about when you say the words of consecration? What are you consecrating? Seems quite weird a practise to me.

Having said that, if you want to unite to the Church’s daily prayer the way to do that is to pray the Breviary/Little Office/Liturgy of the Hours.


Interesting question. I suppose there is nothing wrong in following the Mass of that day, even if the person isn’t attending in person.


Thank you!!


Perhaps individually praying the daily communion service is more appropriate. However, reflecting on the entirety of the Mass is ALWAYS Good!


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