Praying The Rosary At Mass : The Eucharistic Rosary


In the past, we have discussed the pros and cons of praying the Rosary at Mass. Though it is not common to see it today, it was, it seems, common in the past, as seen here in Fr Lasance’s prayer book “With God”, c 1911.
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I would be careful with equating “Recitation of the Rosary in the Presence of the Blessed Sacrament” with “Praying the Rosary at Mass”. I think the Rosary is a beautiful prayer and ought to be prayed frequently - it’s a wonderful prayer and can be prayed at any time, pretty much… However, I think we might want to be wary of substituting the Rosary for the greatest prayer, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The way it was explained to me (by Bishop Morlino of Madison, WI), the Second Vatican Council’s “active participation” was directed towards having the laity understand the sacrifice occurring during Mass - to actively participate in the prayer known as Mass. And I think he’s right - we don’t want the laity showing up to Mass and then missing the most important thing that we’ll ever be able to participate in (although somewhat removed, since we aren’t the priest) - the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Perhaps that’s why that prayer book says, “The Holy Rosary… is one of the most useful devotions while assisting at Mass, or, keeping the Hour of Adoration” and not “The Holy Rosary… is one of the most useful devotions during Mass.”

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Hi Marchoi,
My purpose is not to encouarge the practice. Actually, it wouldn’t be feasible to do so at the Ordinary Form of the Mass.

My intention, is to distinguish the Eucharistic Rosary, a form of the Rosary that seems common at one time, from the Rosary most folks will recognize.

It’s been argued that “little old ladies, who didn’t understand what was going on during the Latin Mass, prayed the Rosary”. I contend that many of them did indeed know what was going on, and if you will take time to read all these pages, you will see a very effective way to understand exactly what is happening on the Holy Altar.

There is more Catechesis in those pages of meditations concerning the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, than I could assemble from every single homily I’ve ever heard.

I think this topic is within the scope of this sub-fora, described as “Forum for discussion of traditional Roman Catholic spirituality” by the staff.

I see what you are saying, but you have misunderstood my purpose. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts if the topic interests you. :slight_smile:



This looks like a very nice rosary. Thank you for uploading it.


Why can I not see what you have posted, I_Believe?


Gotcha. It’s just that the title of the thread “Praying The Rosary At Mass” set off a couple bells and had me a bit confused about the purpose of the thread, that’s all. Sorry about that. I do agree, there’s a lot of beautiful catechesis available from the Eucharistic Rosary that you’ve put up. Thank you for sharing.


ey, they moved it over here on Spirituality. :slight_smile:

Hi Catherine, you are quite welcome. I’m going to type it out and print up a few copies for our local Perpetual Adoration Chapel. Feel free to share it if you like :slight_smile:

Hmm, check your board settings. Click quick links at the top, and select “edit options”.

You are welcome. Feel free to share it if you like. I love finding this sort of thing in the old prayer books :slight_smile:


The Rosary is a particularly beautiful and most efficacious prayer, but then so are the Prayers of The Mass and I think we should involve ourselves in The Mass through participation in the Prayers which do speak to each part of The Mass. While The Rosary could be prayed at Mass if for some reason one was having difficulties with The Mass and the Prayers at Mass, I would not personally otherwise advocate the praying of The Rosary during Mass.



Hi Barb, you are right as far as the Ordinary Form especially with the peoples responses, it would be hard to pray this Rosary without careful timing.

But it certainly would be a wonderful devotion to prepare for Mass.
The Clergy and laity used to prepare for Mass by saying the Prayer of St Ambrose, or the Prayer of St Thomas Aquinas, which would ready us for Holy Communion.

I just flipped through my Missals. The St Joseph Missal, the one I use for the Ordinary Form, does have Prayers before Communion, and Prayers after Communion, but no text to explain their importance. The 1962 and older missals, have very good info on this.

I will note that St Pius X stressed the importance of following the prayers of the Priest during the mass, and he encouraged the faithful to pray the prayers as well as follow along. So it’s easy to see why the practice of praying the Eucharistic Rosary during Mass died out. To embrace His Holliness’ words would deem the continued encouragement of praying the Rosary during Mass imprudent.

I concur, the prayers of each form of the Mass are fitting for the Holy Sacrifice. It’s all up to each of us how we aproach building our spirituality as Catholics :slight_smile:



\Hello I Believe…I agree wholeheartedly that the Eucharistic Rosary would be a wonderful devotion to prepare for Mass and to give thanks after Mass.
I also agree that it is very much up to each person how we build our spirituality as Catholics and in complete freedom of spirit. This of course does not take away from the fact that I personally would not advocate to pray The Rosary during Mass…before or after Mass - wonderful!..especially as a communal preparation or thanksgiving. And if one was having problems in some way with The Mass or Prayers of The Mass but not with The Rosary, that the Rosary could be an alternative to the Prayers of The Mass.
I dont think any prayer or devotion during Mass should ever be advocated under normal circumstances other than the Prayers of The Mass, which are truly beautiful community prayers for The Church and prayer for the whole of mankind and our world and an entering into the heart of community in public prayer.



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