Praying the Rosary in the Car: Avoiding Distractions?

I like praying the Rosary. I feel a closeness to Mary when I pray it and it generally gives me a feeling of inner peace. Finding time to pray it can be challenging at times so lately I’ve started praying it in the car on the way home from work. I use a CD from the Mary Foundation that recites the Rosary to keep me focused and on track while praying it in the car.

Here is my challenge. While sitting in traffic and watching out for my fellow drivers, I find myself not focusing on the mysteries as devoutly as I would at church or even at home. My mind has a tendency to drift, whether it’s because someone is changing lanes into mine or because things are going by me (e.g. billboards, etc.) that catch my eye. I keep my eyes closed when praying at church and at home, but that is clearly not an option on the road. When I realize that I’ve drifted, I try to put a picture of that decade’s mystery into my head to get back to focusing on it.

I think praying the rosary during my commute is a great way to spend and use that time, but sometimes I feel like I’m cheating the Blessed Mother and Christ because of the distractions that I experience and therfore by not focusing on the mysteries as intently.

How do those of you who pray this devotion in your cars overcome these distractions … especially in traffic?

Around where I live the radio station KBVM prays the rosary which helps. They have it on at certains times of the day. So it only helps if I am driving when it is on.

If you do not have a Catholic radio station nearby perhaps a cd on the rosary would help. I have 3 of them, but am drawing a blank on their titles. (I am at the firehall right now and not at home.)

In either case having some other source reciting the prayers helps to keep one’s mind on track.


I do the same thing, and I get distracted sometimes too. When I realize I’m not really focusing on the mysteries, I just try to get back on track like you do by picturing that particular mystery. (I do this even if I’m not driving.)

I think that while Jesus and Mary would probably prefer more of my undivided attention :o they also know my time is stretched so thin and I like to think it makes them happy that I’m praying the Rosary at all. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than nothing right? :o And I have to say that since I started praying the Rosary on my commute, I’ve seen changes in my life for the better. Hopefully I’ll get to the point one day where I can give this part of my prayer life the attention it deserves, but for now I’m doing the best I can. :slight_smile:

PS - did you get your CD from That’s where I got mine…I love it! (They have lots of other great ones too!) :smiley:

Thank you Highwayhound. As I mentioned, I actually use a CD that recites the Rosary with me while in the car. The prayers for me are not the problem, it’s the meditative portion of the Rosary that gives me a challenge while on the road.

Any thoughts for that?

Thanks again.

Thank you Belle, and yes that is the very CD I have. I have a number of their CDs and I’ve liked them all. :thumbsup:

I can’t do it. the rosary for me is a very contemplative prayer, and I cannot pay proper attention to my driving if I try to pray, even with a CD.

I agree with Puzzleannie. If you’re trying to focus on mystery imagery while you’re driving, you’re short-changing your prayer. In any case, you’re not giving enough attention to your driving, which in God’s eyes, just MIGHT be the bigger responsibility at the time. If you want to pray, why not pray to Mary for the other drivers on the road,
like the idiot who just slammed on his brakes in front of you, or for their faith or their health or whatever.

To Highwayhound,
I used to live in range of KBVM; it was my lifeline. When I moved away in 1991, I cried when I finally got out of range. I made 30 KBVM tapes to take with me and still have 'em.

I usually try to do 1-3 decades going to work. I think a priest on this site or EWTN suggested years ago to break and up and think of an intention. I pray for lets say, a new priest or group of nuns and think of them while reciting the rosary and Mary. I think Mary and Jesus understand this limited rosary and if you can say it more devotely another time, great. Many saints said it while cleaning or do other things, you don’t have to just meditate on one thing. Father Serpa said his Dad did it counting the bumps on the drivers wheel instead of beads.: )
I tried the CD’s but the cadence wasn’t right, I always felt like I was too fast of slow, I like it better alone, but I think it’s wonderful for others.

I always pray rosary on the road, and I like it so much. The interior of the car is an intimate space just for me and the Lord. As soon as I close the car door, I start the rosary. It has become a habit of mine for years. I never use CD but either pray it out with vocal prayers or do it with silent mental prayers. I have memorized all the Bible verses of the mysteries. Since I am so familiar with them, it has become very natural to pray it through. My concentration of driving is not disturbed.

I especially like to look up to the blue sky and the floating clouds. Sometimes the sun shines through the clouds and creates such a scene of celestial glory. In the fall, the beauty of the colorful trees by the road side also brings joy and praise to my heart. I have good time with the Lord and Holy Mother while driving and praying. I do one on my way to work, one on my way home. Usually one during the day and save one in front of the tabernacle in the evening. That’s how I can possibly do all the mysteries every day.

You should concentrate on driving alone. :rolleyes: Trying to do something else while driving whether it be saying the rosary, talking on the cell phone, watching a movie, etc. puts other drivers and pedestrians at risk. This is exactly how accidents happen because a driver’s attention/concentration is divided. If I were a cop and I saw you saying the rosary, I’d pull you over and give you a ticket. I’m tired of irresponsible people trying to do two things at once while driving. They’re a hazard on the road. :mad:

I must agree with Mark Robert – I have never agreed with, nor understood, why anyone would pray the Rosary while driving.

It is no different from putting on your makeup; talking on a cell phone, eating, etc.

And what value is there when you are distracted. Surely you could take 15 minutes of your lunch hours to pray the Rosary.


InLight247, you say you are not distracted. Your mind should be on your driving and not saying mental prayers - that is the distraction.:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I agree if you are trying to think of mental picture, but ever since I was driving, talking wasn’t a distraction (off the phone of course) I remember in snow storms saying about 100 Hail Mary’s clinging to the wheel andit calmed me down and I didn’t loose concentration. If, and I agree, you are trying to picture the resurrection or other mental image, then yes, you shouldn’t do that…that’s for home, church, etc. If your’e scrupulous and think “did I miss a Hail Mary?” then yes, it’s not a good thing. But for some, saying prayers is relaxing, it’s just how it is done.
Many religuous groups talk of saying prayers while driving to different locations and again, “talking” vs meditatiing are different things.
You are correct, I live in a big city, my husband is a police officer, if you are disctracted AT ALL, don’t do it. But I find saying a few prayers going to work more productive to me than listening to the radio.

Well, I used to own a car and praying the Rosary while driving was wonderful! Now, praying it and the Divine Mercy Chaplet on SEPTA is fun! But sometimes I get distracted by conversation. Sometimes I pray like a machine gun! Too fast to do much good? Oh well. When I’m around those who “need” to hear it prayed with more reverence, I’ll do so. In the meantime I love my machine gun method.



I don’t see what is wrong with a more distracted rosary on the road. OFF COURSE the main attention should be on the road so it isn’t a bad thing to lose track and pay attention to the driving. BUT I find saying the rosary even in a very less than perfect way is inviting the Blessed Mother in the car with you and asking her to pray for and with you NOT A BAD THING. no it isn’t the perfect Slow contemplating way. That is for at home or church.

*I was imagining someone in deep deep [LEFT]contemplation[/LEFT] wondering where that semi in front came from:o

I also pray the rosary while trying to go to sleep. I can zone in and out and “find” myself praying the end of one of the prayers. I guess where I was and pray again. Maybe it doesn’t “count” the same but I am turning to my Mother when I can’t [LEFT]sleep[/LEFT]

I agree Marytk, I also pray when I can’t sleep and many times, it works better than any pill or other advice. I’ve heard that advice given by nuns and I know I have heard many times how praying in certain situations might not seem ideal, but it’s better than not praying at all. As a caller to Mother Angelica was told, if you wait until a “perfect” time to pray, not many will be said by most families!
Again, you have to know yourself…it you are easily distracted or scrupuolous, then maybe it isn’t a good idea. I know, for me, when I skip it, I start work feeling less calm and centered.

I sometimes pray the rosary or Divine Mercy chaplet while driving. While perhaps not as able to focus on the mysteries while doing it at home (although even at home my mind will wander), I still find it a great way to keep from cussing out some of the drivers on the road (like the knucklehead that just cut into your lane without a turn signal!).

How would you know I’m praying?

I’ve found praying while driving calms me, helps me remember to be a more courteous driver, and it definitely helps start my day right (I pray the Rosary on my morning commute). I agree I get frustrated with people on their cell phones, people who are reading the paper while driving :eek: (yes, I’ve seen this!), etc., but praying is different.

Yup! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

To clarify, my distraction is not related to my driving, it’s relateed to meditating on the mysteries. The problem is that driving takes priority and therefore I’m distracted from my meditating.

I tried this again last night and I think I may need to stop praying the rosary while driving, at least in traffic. I just feel guilty not giving the Rosary the focus it deserves. That being said, I may try the Divine Mercy Chaplet during my drives. There isn’t the same level of meditation with that devotion, and verbal prayer is not a problem for me on the road.

Thank you all for your thoughts on this.

Unless you keep your mind** blank** while driving, any thought could be a distraction. If there are others in the car, unless you put a rule of no talk, any conversation could be a distraction. When kids are in the back seats, their fighting and screaming could definitely be distraction.

Prayer is a conversation with God. Such a conversation is much better,safer, and constructive than conversation with other passengers or simply dwell on and be carried away by one’s own thoughts.

Praying or not while driving is not a topic of argument. I have been praying while driving ever since I got my driver’s license, and have been praying rosary in the car more than ten years. I never had any problem with praying rosary while driving. I agree this is not for everyone. If not, just don’t do it. There is no need to hold a hateful attitude toward those who can do it.

Very nicely said. :thumbsup:

I would much rather think about Jesus and Mary than think about the problems in my life while I’m driving. :wink:

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