Praying the Rosary outdoors


This was a new experience for me, one that has been mentioned previously. Every Thursday evening through the summer, the parish I attend holds a “Rosary on the steps” at the church. Because I get up so early for work I’ve never been able to attend one, as I am in bed at the start time. But I am taking Fridays off for July and August so decided I should go and see what it was like.

The church is located about a ten minute bike ride from my home, and just down the street from where I work. The prayers begin at 7 and I was maybe two minutes late, since we had company for dinner. There were about ten people present; one man, much older than myself, and seven or eight ladies, also much older than myself. Ok, I thought, if there’s any sort of trouble I guess I’m the security guy. LOL Pedestrian and vehicle traffic was extremely heavy that evening as there one of the many annual summer events going on downtown. That meant there was a lot of noise. But it was one of the best things I’ve ever done since my foray into Catholicism began, even if I didn’t know the Hail Holy Queen. If anyone has the chance to take part in something like this I highly recommend it.

There was one humorous moment when a heckler, a rather drunken fellow by the look of him, began taunting from the sidewalk. I will admit I was anticipating something like this, or at least wondered if it had ever been a problem, which is one of the reasons I wanted to go. I have the sort of appearance that takes care of this sort of thing quickly and I wanted the folks in attendance to feel secure. Sure enough, when the gentleman made eye contact with me (I was the guy praying in the tattered Oakland Raiders t-shirt and the lifetime-of-weightlifting shoulders) I gently shook my head “no” at him, he went on his way without saying another word.


THANK YOU JESUS for all of you doing that. What a witness to the Faith and what a blessing for all. God Bless y’all.


There’s a group of fathers and children who pray the Rosary in front of the Mary statue outside of my church about once a month. The first time I saw them I fell in love with them all. It must be some kind of group activity organized by local fathers, time spent with their children. What a witness!!
I sit in our outdoor Mary garden (on campus) after Mass at noon and say my Rosary. There are often others praying there too.


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