Praying the Rosary to Mary


I would like to ask Gamera the reason for praying the rosary to Mary, who has not risen from the dead yet?



You’ve never asked another Christian to pray for you?


Sure thing. And may I say, I’m honored to be consulted by name for the “Catholic position!”

There are several reason why I pray the rosary, but first let me point out that the underlying premise of praying to saints is that they can hear us. Dead saints aren’t “asleep” or “dormant.” Moses and Elijah conversed with Jesus at the Transfiguration, at which they “talked” with Jesus (Matt 17:3). During the three days between crucifixtion and resurrection, Jesus “preached to the spirits in prison,” (1 Peter 3:19), and there’s no point in “preaching” to a sleeping person. Those in heaven praise God perpetually (Rev. 4:8-11), which you can’t do while asleep.

I pray the rosary 2-3 times per week, which is probably more than the average Catholic but substantially less than the 7 times which I shoot for (I do, however, read the Bible 7 days per week). Why do I pray the rosary? Scripture exhorts us to “continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God,” Heb 13:15. I love reflecting upon the mysteries of Jesus incarnation, life, death and resurrection which has purchased for me eternal life (as an ex-Catholic you probably know that one recites the rosary while contemplating significant events in Christ’s life). I love calling to mind the death that Jesus endured for our salvation.

I love Mary, of course, and I like to honor her with the rosary (the “gift of roses”). Romans 13:7 exhorts us to “honor those to whom honor is due,” and among mere human beings none is so worthy of honor as Mary, God’s ultimate creation. The more I honor her, the closer I draw to her Son.

Another reason why I pray the rosary is for the benefit of my three year old son. He cannot yet read but he can hear me state the mysteries of the rosary, so it’s a very early form of catechesis. He already can tell you that Jesus died on the cross and came back to life. Children learn by repetition, and it is so heartwarming to hear him mutter along the portions that he understands, which is increasing over time. It also teaches him by example that one sets aside specific time to pray (and yes, we do pray spontaneous prayers at other times, such as meals and bedtime).


The rosary isn’t prayed to Mary. It’s a devotional in which people meditate on important biblical events primarily in the life of Jesus and things God did for Mary.


Forgive me for not being Gamera, but this statement about the Blessed Virgin Mother,

is in error.

Hope this helps!


You should be so lucky! :smiley:


And where in Scripture does it say that those who have died in Christ are not alive?


No one says they’re not alive…but neither does it tell us to PRAY to them…Jesus taught us how to pray…he said PRAY ALONG THESE LINES…not as the heathen do…with repetition… “Our Father…Who art in Heaven…”

He NEVER taught us to pray to Mary…

Mary is NOT God…nor divine. And if Jesus says in John chapter 17 that He will be IN US…AND WE WILL BE IN THE FATHER… read the entire chapter…then why would we need to pray to Mary who is NOT in us?

Jesus is as close as our breath…He indwells believers…and if you do not have His Spirit in you…then you are none of his…(are not a Christ-ian)…per Paul the apostle…

Jesus gives us HIS LIVING LIFE WITHIN…we do not speak to Him up in heaven…He INDWELLS US…NOW…if we are born again of His Spirit.

I ask you then…why would you opt to pray to those in Heaven when Jesus said to ask IN HIS NAME…anything…and to pray TO THE FATHER…? I have seen nowhere in scripture where we are told to pray TO a Saint…or to Mary.

And Moses and Elijah being PRESENT at the transfiguration does NOT mean we are to pray to them…in fact, when Peter wanted to build an altar…God the Father shut him up fast!

Where is the scripture about Mary and beads? I came forth with the scripture about the “Our Father” by Jesus…and Jesus saying to ask anything IN HIS NAME…He said COME TO ME…not to Mary…




This is your core question. The answer is “we don’t.” We don’t “need” to pray to Mary, just like we don’t “need” to ask fellow Christians here on earth to pray for us – we’re free to just pray directly to God and never seek the intervention of those closest to Him.

But why on earth would we restrict ourselves in that way? Why not ask other people to pray for us? And above all why not ask Mary, the person closest to God, to pray for us? Doesn’t the King’s mother receive the attention, respect and affection of the King better than any of His other subjects? Study 1 Kings 2:19 to see how the King’s Mother was treated by the King in ancient Israel.


Catholics pray the Rosary for one reason: to grow closer to God. If you have not prayed the Rosary or other meditative prayer, then you would not understand the richness of this special time contemplating the mysteries of Christ. It is not required, we don’t have to pray the Rosary, but if one wants to grow in their relationship with Christ, this is one special way of doing it. The Rosary is not about praying to Mary, it is about meditating on Christ.

There is a historical context to the “babble like pagans” scripture. It seems that the OP does not know the historical reason that Jesus said this. In short, there were groups of pagans that literally thought that the more words they used, the more their gods were likely to hear them. Of course, their gods couldn’t hear anything because they weren’t gods, but these folks talked their heads off thinking that it would help. This is absolutely NOT what the rosary is about. The repeating of the prayers is simply a meditative tool. We say the prayers, while meditating on the mysteries of Christ. We do not babble like pagans.

God has made it clear that He approves, and indeed encourages us to pray for one another. Firstly, we are flat out commanded by St. Paul to pray for one another. Why on earth would that prayer for people end when a person gets to heaven?? Just when they are made righteous and their prayers avail much? Secondly, God has shown us in scripture that the angels, who are also not God, hear prayers and intercede. Unfortunately, this scripture has been mercilessly hacked out of many bibles on Martin Luther’s self-appointed authority. But if you are interested, I would recommend reading the Book of Tobit where it is clear that God gives angels the ability to hear prayers and intercede. Man will be made “as angels of God in heaven”, thus they can and do hear the pleas for intercession from the Church Militant. There is only one Body of Christ, the Saints in heaven are part of the Body; they are not cut off from the other part of the Body.

The Spirit of God does dwell within us (though for clarification, the scripture says we must be born again of *water *and Spirit) . I am not sure why the OP would assume that we do not pray in Jesus’ name. I pray to the Father in Jesus’ name, ALL THE TIME. The highest form of prayer to the Father is when we join in the heavenly liturgy and worship Him in Spirit and Truth. But praying the Rosary is a way for us to contemplate Christ, it is intensely personal and profound.

Personally ,I don’t like the expression “pray to Mary”. It does not really reflect the intentions of Catholics. I use the expression “pray through Mary” or whatever saint. All prayer is intended for God. Only God can answer prayers. Only God is Divine-- Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We simply ask saints, who are fully righteous in heaven, to hand our prayer to God through their righteous hands. That’s it. We do not think Mary is divine, but we do believe that with God all things are possible. We do not worship Mary, but we do honor her has the Mother of our Lord, and since we are the Body of Christ, she is therefore honored as our mother too.


Huh? We are shown in Scripture to ask others to pray for us in several places. The Body of Christ is not divided. Those in heaven aren’t incapable of praying for us just because they are closer to Jesus. How unscriptural!!


What of the Assumption? Could someone better equipped explain the Assumption. When I first started praying the rosary as a convert it was the last two glorious mysteries that tripped me up. Now they sustain me in my choice of praying the rosary.


So beautifully put Prayer Warrior:)

I pray the Rosary at least seven times a week (involved in an on-line Rosary group). I always start by offering up my intentions TO God for friends and family and so forth. I pray the Rosary slowly with great love and humbleness of heart (least I try very hard to always be humble).

Firstly for me, the beauty of repeating the same prayer allows my mind to be free to meditate on the life of Jesus. While I am reciting the Hail Mary’s I focus on the particular Mystery of the day (my favorite is the Sorrowful Mysteries). I try to place myself at the feet of Jesus much like Mary (Martha’s sister) and learn from Him. Second only to the Holy Mass, this is the time where God speaks most to my heart and soul.

Secondly, God has shown us through-out salvation history that its OK to go through others. He did it with Moses when He wanted to convey His message to us His children, and He did so when He came to us Through The Blessed Virgin Mary as a tiny baby. We are simply following His example by going Through Mary and other Saints to converse with God. Do we have to?,Nope! but why would we shun God’s friends when they can and Do help us on our journey.

And thirdly,the Hail Mary (other then being scriptural) is a beautiful way of saying “I Love You” to our Blessed Mother-the Mother Of God. We are her children and she loves us. Who better to ask for assistance then the Mother of God in taking our prayers to our Heavenly Father. Remember all you parents out there,we see the very same dynamics take place in our homes.

Child…"Mom, can you ask dad,(fill in the request here)
Mom…“Yes daughter/son, I will ask (take your request) to your dad”.


I think a great deal of the difficulty people have is the very modern (i.e. 21st century ‘Western’ understanding) that we have superimposed upon the Bible (and to an extent on God). Jesus was neither a 21st century protofeminist, a liberal, an egalitarian, a socialist, nor proponent of any other ‘ology’ or ‘ism’ that we’re so fond of today.

He is, was, and remains God and man. Not a label.

The idea, for example, that we are ‘neither male nor female, Jew nor Greek, slave nor free person’ is taken by today’s independent, egalitarian focused ‘people’ as meaning that we are so many interchangeable cogs in a wheel, and that no given ‘person’ is better in ANY WAY than any other person. (A Calvinistic or even Lutheran ‘total degradation/dung heap’ view on the one hand juxtaposed with a new-agey like ‘man is the noblest creature there is’ on the other’. . .both of these views depend on people being absolutely either ‘no good’ (thus no one is ‘better’) or ‘all good’ (thus no one is better).

With these sorts of views, no wonder there is no acceptance of any kind of hierarchy (It’s God up there and us-all equally depraved- down below for the former crowd, and God-right-next-to-us-cause-we’re-all-in-him-and-all-equal for the latter crowd).

The IDEA of even THINKING that there might be anybody other than Jesus whose example can be a guide to us simply because they DID follow Him, or (worse yet) that there can exist people who, in following him, did so well enough to serve as examples, is ANATHEMA to such people. Especially the idea that His MOTHER might be ‘worthy’ of any notice whatsoever.

The former, because they don’t want to even think that there is any ‘degree’ into God’s service. It is much easier to say, "We’re all degenerate, but God has ‘covered’ us and all we need do is ‘confess with the mouth’ and we’ll be saved. No need of saints and anyway, nobody is going to tell ME he or she is ‘better’ than ME or ‘good enough’ to be a saint. . .I don’t even call the apostles or the evangelists saints.’

The latter, because if there are people who can objectively be shown to be doing God’s will to a higher degree than ANY other person (let’s pick Mother Teresa’s service to the lepers, for example), that puts the kibosh on ‘equality’. Either they have to denigrate the service as being ‘nothing special’, or to find something objectionable about Mother Teresa in something other than her deeds of charity, or else they are in the uncomfortable position of noting that we AREN’T all ‘just as good’ and perfectly acceptable to God whether we are going that extra mile or just paying the lip service and just ‘showing up’.


The Blessed Virgin was assumed bodily into heaven, so she exists there body and soul.


I would like to share to everyone what happened to me last year. Perhaps, you may realize how important praying to the Blessed Mother (and Her Rosary) is to me.

I was born and lived in a province since childhood, but after getting a job in Manila, Philippines (9 years ago), I started living a sinful life. If I had died earlier, I would surely have plunged into the burning sulfur of hell without any doubt or question.

I sinned and sinned, and didn’t even bother to pray, stayed away from God, forgot God, worked myself to death, focused on my career, increased my knowledge by going to a graduate school and increased my wealth and worldy possessions.

However, our Lord God had mercy on my soul and started calling me back, thru the Blessed Mother Mary:

1st Call: Two years ago, my college friend died. He was my classmate, same age as mine (32), with the same promising career as a chemical engineer. He and his career is gone now, at a very young age. I was shocked and felt fear. What if it was I who died?

Effect : I only felt fear, but did nothing to repent.

2nd Call: Last year, I received an email from my college friend that our dearest and most intelligent professor died at the age of 40+. He and his intelligence is gone now, also at a very young age.

Effect : My fear increased, but did not repent.

3rd Call: In August of last year, my very rich boss suddenly died of cancer at the age of 49. Her money and enormous wealth did not save her.

Effect : This time I was really struck hard, started to pray a little and started reflecting on my life, but did not repent.

4th Call: Last year again, I was bed ridden for a week due to kidney problem. The pain I had, felt like I was gonna die. I started praying hard to God, to forgive me for my transgressions. But after few weeks of being healed, I went back to my sinful life.

5th and Final Call: One week after celebrating the 75th birthday of my mother last year, she became very ill. She was brought to the hospital and was struggling between life and death. The hospital bills have drained all my savings, and left me with loans. After two months of struggle, and with no more resources to fight for her life, she died before Christmas, and so we had the most sorrowful Christmas ever.

This recent events moved me to change my life. It made me realize many things:

  1. First, our life is very short, and death which seems to be far away is really approaching to each one of us.
  2. Second, What is professional career for, if God takes away my life right now.
  3. Third, Worldy intelligence will be blotted out once the Lord God called us back.
  4. Fourth, Money and Wealth cannot save us from death, once the Lord has retrieved the life He gave us.
  5. Fifth, not to invoke the Lord God to anger, for His hands are mighty and powerful.
  6. Lastly, that I should be thankful to the Lord and the Blessed Mother in bringing me back to grace.

But, the temptation is very strong. It seems like a magnet pulling me down. And the Wretched One does not want me to lead a better life. So, I realized going back to grace is a gift from Heaven. But remaining in grace is another hard thing to accomplish.

So what I did is I prayed the 15 mysteries of the Holy Rosary everyday. I told the Blessed Mother sincerely that I will pray Her 15 mysteries everyday, in return for the favor of protecting me and not abandoning me especially in times of trouble. And she did, now I am completely changed. The Blessed Mother showered bountiful graces upon me which I do not deserve. And everytime I look back at my past, I felt sorrow for having mislead my life for so long and for having hurt God with my sins.

The spiritual battle is still ON and the temptations are still lurking around. But I guess it will never end while I am alive. But the most important thing is I have the Blessed Mother by my side now thru the Holy Rosary. I also have Jesus by my side, thru the Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy Chaplet (which gives me so much peace) and the Holy Eucharist (which is the food of my soul).

And we have all the angels and saints by our side who desires as much to save our souls.

Now, these are the reasons why I am praying the Rosary, and why I am urging others to do so also.


The focus of the “Hail Mary” really is the last bit - “pray for us sinners”…that’s what we’re really asking Mary to do for us. We’re not praying to Mary to do anything for us; we’re asking Mary to pray on behalf of us to God directly.


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