Praying the rosary without distractions


I started praying the rosary in a new way today. I started using a booklet from that has 10 smaller meditations that you meditate on each bead of the Hail Mary on each decade. It was amazing and my mind hardly wandered at all. I first got the idea on Good Friday when we did a group rosary before services, the priest on each mystery read off a small point of the mystery before each bead of the Hail Mary. It really keeps your mind from wandering and its really beautiful. Here is a link to the booklet. I highly recommend it.


*I have a booklet for each decade, not each bead…I’ll have to check this out. I can’t say my mind wanders, but sometimes, I feel my prayer intentions are redundant.:blush: Thanks for this, John. *


Thanks for that link. I started praying the Rosary every day, but sometimes it’s hard to concentrate since I have 3 little ones. I recently got a cd which helps me concentrate on the Rosary. I listen and pray every night. It’s called “Pray the Rosary” with Fr. Cedric Pisegna. He has a website… It would be a good accompaniment with that booklet.


For me, it’s the rosary meditations themselves that I find distracting :stuck_out_tongue: I’m much happier praying it when I’m just quietly reciting the prayers and not thinking about anything other than being in the presence of Our Lady and most importantly in the presence of Our Lord.

Here and there I add a special intention, but mostly I just offer the decades up in honor of the particular mystery. That suits me better, praying it as an offering rather than using it as a meditative guide. I hate meditation :wink:


Here are links to whats in these booklets,
For each line on the mystery meditate it on a Hail Mary bead…Enjoy!

These are links to each mystery, you can print them out rather than send for the booklet. This all is from the rosary fraternity website.


A friend gave me this booklet, and it’s really helped me too :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for posting JohnPaul64! Has really helped bring new meaning to the Rosary for me and will pray it more often, Thank you!

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