Praying The Rosary Without Mysteries


I posted something about this already but I can’t find it. My mom taught me to pray the rosary but she never meditated on the Mysteries. As an adult, I used to pray the Mysteries but I could never remember them all, so I’d use my phone or pamphlet. That got too distracting so I went back to praying without the Mysteries, trying to focus on my intention(s), and Mary.
Can we pray the rosary without meditating on the Mysteries?


Well you can but it defeats the purpose. The Rosary is all about Jesus’ life and in Jesus’ life we can’t leave out His Mother. If you take the mysteries out you are praying repeated Hail Marys and Our Fathers without reflecting on the MANY important events in Our Lord’s life.


The idea is Jesus through Mary I think so contemplating the life of Christ whilst praying to and honouring Our Lady satisfies that?


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Is this the thread you were talking about Hope?

You can pray without the Mysteries, but they make it so much richer if you can find a way to add them.

But sometimes I have been in such distress that I couldn’t concentrate on the Mysteries at all. I could barely even stumble out a Hail Mary.

In such times, God hears the cry of your heart. You are not wrong at all for praying for your intentions. Any prayer at all will draw you closer to God, and that is the whole point of doing it.

So do what you can and be at peace. :heart:


Yes, that link was the one I participated on. Thanks.


@Hope1960, if it helps, the method I’ve found most conducive to praying the Rosary is to set aside a certain time of day (i.e. when I get home from school) and then use the Bible or a book-of-quotes for the meditation after I reach a Mystery. I will, for example, read Saint Luke’s account of the Way of the Cross for the Fourth Sorrowful Mystery. I’ve also got a book of Pope Benedict XVI’s comments on Mary that I use on Joyful days. It’s really up to you how to pray private devotions like the Rosary, and any kind of prayer you say is certainly good, but I would try to include the Mysteries.


Of course. Why not just think about one thing from the life of Mary, Jesus or the Holy Family, and keep that thought while praying the Rosary


There’s only twenty Mysteries. Try to memorize five. The mysteries are also in chronological order. It will help if you now the Biblical narratives.


Fifteen actually
As far as I know the other 5 are optional.


I’ve never been good at rote memory. To this day, I can not tell you the five mysteries in each category. I can tell you some of them but I’m not sure whether this one is glorious or joyful. But I do like the Rosary.
Personally, I pray the first decade asking Mary to give glory, honor, and worship for me to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as if each “Hail Mary” was a white rose laid at Their feet. The second decade, to take my prayers of thanksgiving for all He has given me. The third decade, in sorrow for my sins, the fourth, prayers of petition for others - people who needs prayers for their own needs, or prayers to watch over and guide them, and the last decade, for my own intentions. I never mention them other to say that God knows my needs before I even ask. Fifty white roses, laid at the feet of her son on my behalf. That’s my rosary prayer.
The rosary for me is my statement of my belief in the living church, in the fact that Mary is Mother to all of us, and she intercedes for us with Her Son.
It works for me. If others think it “defeats the purpose” that their problem, not mine.


I think that is a lovely way to pray.

Meditating on the Mysteries is beautiful and so wonderful in drawing us to God, but it’s not the only way.

Any prayer at all is a very good thing! It’s all about aligning our will and desires with His.

And God loves and accepts our humble prayers just as we love and accept the clumsy hugs and kisses from our little children.


Yes, you can esp. if you new and just learning. As you become more comfortable you can start to ad the mysteries, perhaps one mystery a decade at a time. Even the simple recitation of the “Hail Marys” have merit to the Holy Mother because you are trying and have the intention of giving Her honor. By giving honor to her you give honor to Her Son. Nothing of value doesn’t occur overnight. The Rosary with the meditations are found on UTUBE and can be a great asset. Peace


I do too.


Pope John Paul II addressed this question in his Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae:

  1. The Rosary, precisely because it starts with Mary’s own experience, is an exquisitely contemplative prayer . Without this contemplative dimension, it would lose its meaning, as Pope Paul VI clearly pointed out: “Without contemplation, the Rosary is a body without a soul, and its recitation runs the risk of becoming a mechanical repetition of formulas, in violation of the admonition of Christ: ‘In praying do not heap up empty phrases as the Gentiles do; for they think they will be heard for their many words’ (Mt 6:7). By its nature the recitation of the Rosary calls for a quiet rhythm and a lingering pace, helping the individual to meditate on the mysteries of the Lord’s life as seen through the eyes of her who was closest to the Lord. In this way the unfathomable riches of these mysteries are disclosed”. (Apostolic Exhortation Marialis Cultus (2 February 1974), 47: AAS (1974), 156.14)
    It is worth pausing to consider this profound insight of Paul VI, in order to bring out certain aspects of the Rosary which show that it is really a form of Christocentric contemplation. (source)


The mysteries are the essence of the Rosary; the Hail Marys and Our Fathers are prayers that serve as timekeepers, so you give time to each mystery. I heard a priest suggest just meditating on the mysteries without saying the other prayers, for a time, to practice meditating on them and then adding the other prayers later.


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