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On a thread concerning the Rosary, I admitted that I don’t say it nearly as often as I should. I had to ask myself “Why not?” My mom was deeply devoted to Our Lady and said the Rosary every day. Having read alot about Fatima recently, I decided to start praying the Rosary more often. My short-term goal is to start praying it faithfully once a week. Anyway, I found that praying the Rosary with a TV program like the ones on EWTN really worked for me in the past. It helped me to focus more, keeping my mind on the prayers and/or the mysteries. My question is, does anyone know of a good audio recording of the Rosary (CD, download, whatever)? I would like to have it on my MP3 player so that I can pray wherever I happen to be. Is there a version that contains the Luminous Mysteries? Thanks!


I’ve seen some good ones on iTunes podcasts that you can download for free. At one point they didn’t work as well, but if you just download them again, I’m sure they’d work fine. :slight_smile: Then you can make individual playlists if you have an MP3, or burn them on a CD.

Try these links and find what you like best.

Save the files into your computer and then burn to CD or transfer to your mp3 player.

You can also join a live worldwide rosary prayer, anytime, at

Hope this helps! Peace and all good!

Fr. Benedict Groeschel has one of the absolute best Rosaries available. However, the Luminous mysteries are only on a second CD. I have not found it on Mp3. But, some excellent Rosaries are available on the web. Have a look at these links:

you can pray along online with this site <--------------------------------------

Thanks everybody for your suggestions! :thankyou: There are some very good versions around. I heard some of Fr. Groeschel’s recording. He’s got such a wonderful voice. Now if only it was a free download…

Fr Groeschel’s Rosary is available for mp3 @

Thank you!

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