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I have a question about praying the rosary. Do you have to pray the rosary in one sitting or can you say one decade in the morning, one at midday and so on? I find I get interupted while praying and I have to go take care of something or I fall asleep while I am trying to pray the rosary at bedtime.

I thinkthe biggest mistake I make when reciting the Holy Rosary is to leave it till night time. Then I am always too tired and get very drowsy during it to the point of mixing up words or going off on a tangent…

Try to make time for the 5 decades of whatever mystery you are recalling during the day.

Would you prefer may little visits to your Gran each day or one substantial one?

The rosary is a meditative prayer. If you feel you can adequately enter a state of meditation and meditate upon the life and presence of God in the time it takes to do one decade, well then knock yourself out. But realize that the prayer of the rosary is more then just rote recitation.


I almost always pray the Rosary first thing in the morning, while sipping my first cup of coffee…Still in bed (DH brings me my coffee EVERY morning!. I’ve found that this works best for me.

However, I don’t see why you can’t pray it any way you like. Doing one decade at a time at different times of the day is much better than not praying it at all. Experiment, and see what works.

Hi adv; You can pray a decade. I live not 5 minutes from our Prish Church and walking down to Mass I can about manage a decade if I walk slow! :slight_smile:

The important part of praying the Rosary of course is to contemplate on the mysteries that go with each decade at the same time you are reciting the Hail Mary.


The Rosary is not some prayer that has to said just so. If you manage a decade in a day, you’re doing better than a lot of other people.

I spread mine out, 5 decades over the day, even all 20, on days when I am not running around like a boob, reflectively. Other days, I might do a whole five decades before I get out of bed. If I get a bit anxious or hot-flashed in the night, I might do a decade or two then. And I use my fingers on the steering wheel to count when I have to make a long trip alone. Some days, I’m lucky to manage one decade.

So, it’s not how much, it’s the fact that you do it.

Father Patrick Payton founder of “The Family that prays together stays together” rosary program, was giving an interview on T.V. one day and was walking along and praying part of a rosary at the same time that he answered questions. I don’t believe he was doing it just to make a point. I think that he would get his rosary out and pray, every chance that he got.

Deacon Tony

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