Praying to Mary and the Saints


We ask Mary and the Saints to intercede on our behalf with God.
Are they able to hear millions of prayers at the same time?
Like God are they everywhere and how do they intercede on behalf of the millions of people praying to them simultaneously for various needs?
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I can’t answer your question completely, but I can tell you this. As for our Blessed Mother, I believe she knows exactly what’s going on in people’s lives. Whenever I ask her to take a problem from me and turn it over to God, I know that she does it. When I ask her to do this, I get a feeling of complete and total peace. It’s so awesome and so is she.


The Saints in heaven exist outside of time and space in the eternal now. So, there’s no sequence of events for them. Everyone’s prayers are being presented right now, so to speak. It’s a concept we can’t understand because we on earth are not living as they are but are restricted by our current physical beings. In a word, they can hear us all because the Holy Spirit makes it possible not because they are hearing us as we hear one another by physical means. I hope that helps instead of confusing you. :wink:


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I “second” Lief’s response. Great answer, Della! :smiley: Sure helped me to understand better. Thanks and God bless you! :slight_smile:


Just glad my poor words helped, guys. :slight_smile:


Thanks to you both D Kelly and Della.
Della, I must say you are more knowledgeable than the ministers of our Church, at least some of them.
Thanks and God Bless


On one of Steve Ray’s CDs he says that they have different “technology” in Heaven, which explains how they can hear all the prayers and why we can’t understand it. :smiley:


In defense of our ministers, not all of them are trained in apologetics nor do all spend time contemplating such questions. They are primarily ministers of the Sacraments not necessarily theologians. Their training can be quite basic in some areas and more detailed in others.


The ministers I know are very knowledgeable.


Mine too! :smiley:


I can concur. And I have asked a lot of questions!

I see, “Lief”, that you are Catholic “as of last Pentecost.” Our family is coming into the Church on Pentecost of this year, just two weeks from Sunday. I agree: Harrah! :smiley:


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Thank you all for all your responses. They have been very enlightening.
Much appreciated.
God Bless you all


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