Praying to Mohammed as you would a saint


Ok this happened sometime a go. After watching the news and seeing, again, the horror of another Islamic terror attack I prayed for both the victims and the perpetrators. While praying I asked the Blessed Mother to pray and Mohammed for his followers to be more peaceful. Was this wrong of me? Is this something I need to take to confession? I can be a bit scrupulous and I will beat myself over the head with this (though I’m not as bad as I used to be) and most likely I will either exaggerate or play down the seriousness of a perceived sin. Also I might have slipped the name buddha in there, now that is possibly a false memory or I might have said it. Discernment on this is proving very difficult.


I can pray to Spider-Man too but it won’t do me any good


A great way to answer your own question, is to look at the summation of our beliefs as Catholics. Check out the apostles creed or the Nicene creed. We believe in ONE god, in the trinity, and ONE holy catholic and apostolic church.
I would recommend going to confession and talking with your Priest through confession. I would also recommend researching apostles creed and nicene creed in the catechism as they will provide more detail regarding our beliefs as Catholics and how to lift up our prayers and concerns to the lord.


Spider-Man no, daredevil maybe since he is a catholic


Mohammed wasn’t a saint and it’s wrong for Catholics to pray to him.

But given that Muslims are familiar with Our Lady, I think praying to her for peace in this regard is the right response.


Mohammed never would be recognized or canonized, true.

But then people often pray to departed ancestors and others of holy repute. People were praying to JP2 and Mother Teresa even before their causes were opened - and nothing wrong with doing so.

Although St Francis of Assisi went to Egypt and developed a good friendship with the Muslim leader there, so he might be a better option that Mohammed.


Why pray to Mohammed when there are saints we know are in heaven that we can pray to instead?

I have no interest in praying to someone who took on a wife when the girl was 6 years old.


Are you saying you actually prayed TO Mohammed or do you mean you prayed TO Mary to ask God to make extremist Muslims be more peaceful?


I don’t think it was sinful but Mohammad was a false prophet and I don’t recommend praying to him in the same way as you would a saint. Even the Muslims when they talk about him say, “Peace be upon him.”


Ask for the intercession of St Francis of Assisi instead.


You prayed to a heresiarch?
You should get the Cathechism and instruct yourself better about this topic.


According to Pope John Paul II, Catholics and Muslims have the same God!!!

Pope John Paul II says,

“We Christians joyfully recognize the religious values we have in common with Islam. Today I would like to repeat what I said to young Muslims some years ago in Casablanca: “We believe in the same God, the one God, the living God, the God who created the world and brings his creatures to their perfection” ( Insegnamenti, VIII/2, [1985], p. 497).”

Officials Statement:


Your intentions were not bad for praying, but I don’t think they were perfect. They do not need to become more peaceful, but more loving because peace stems from love. The word to define the essence of the Catholic religion is love and that can only come from God. Orient your prayers to Blessed Mary who has direct and perfect contact with God because all humans are subject to God and that includes Mohammed. As for confession your sin, all you have to ask yourself is if you feel bad about doing what you did. Do you feel like you’ve offended someone or have done something wrong? If so, confess, if not forget about it.


“As we have seen, Muhammed had neither supernatural miracles nor natural motives of reason to persuade those of his sect. As he lacked in everything, he took to bestial and barbaric means, which is the force of arms. Thus he introduced and promulgated his message with robberies, murders, and bloodshedding, destroying those who did not want to receive it, and with the same means his ministers conserve this today, until God placates his anger and destroys this pestilence from the earth.

(Muhammad) can also be figured for the dragon in the same Apocalypse which says that the dragon swept up a third of the stars and hurled down a third to earth. Although this line is more appropriately understood concerning the Antichrist, Mohammed was his precursor – the prophet of Satan, father of the sons of haughtiness.

Even if all the things contained in his law were fables in philosophy and errors in theology, even for those who do not possess the light of reason, the very manners (Islam) teaches are from a school of vicious bestialities. (Muhammad) did not prove his new sect with any motive, having neither supernatural miracles nor natural reasons, but solely the force of arms, violence, fictions, lies, and carnal license. It remains an impious, blasphemous, vicious cult, an innovention of the devil, and the direct way into the fires of hell. It does not even merit the name of being called a religion.”

St. Juan de Ribera (d.1611), Archbishop of Valencia, missionary to Spanish Muslims, and organizer of the Muslim expulsions of 1609 from Spain. Quoted in several locations from his 1599 Catechismo para la Instruccion de los Nuevos Convertidos de los Moros


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Are you saying you actually prayed TO Mohammed or do you mean you prayed TO Mary to ask God to make extremist Muslims be more peaceful?
I was praying to Mary but was asking Mohammed to pray for his people so they would become more peaceful. I talked with my confessor he gave me good advice he knew where was coming from I guess I’m a bit of a sensitive soul. I grew up in the troubles in northern Ireland and when I see atrocities like bombs going off I know what thoes poor people are experiencing.


Your above sentence is a little difficult. Did you pray to the Blessed Mother for Mohammed and his followers, or did you pray directly to Mohammed? If the first, asking the Blessed Mother to hold anyone before her son is a good thing. Praying directly to Mohammed; a bit off the reservation I’d say.


Why would you pray to Mohammed? He was a false prophet. We don’t know if he’s in heaven.

I don’t think you sinned??? But I wouldn’t pray to Mohammed. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in asking Mary to intercede on their behalf though.


Needing to confess a sin has nothing to do with how you feel about it. It has to do with whether you sinned or didn’t sin. Each person will feel differently about different sins.


We don’t know that and I don’t think its helpful to say that anyone is likely in hell.

That being said, as a false prophet, he definitely should not be venerated.


Former Muslim here. In Islam it would be sinful to pray to Muhammad :joy: But it seems like that’s between you and God.

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